Tuesday, December 22, 2009


{me, my dad and my sister at hoover dam on a similiarly windy day circa 1999}

Yesterday afternoon, around the time we were expecting the news that my dad was ready to be discharged, we instead found out that the doctors wanted to do further testing. They kept him overnight again last night and scheduled a cardiac catheterization for today. Basically, it's a diagnostic procedure that, depending on what they find, could turn into a interventional procedure.

Yesterday was a hectic day filled with uncertainty about whether my dad was coming home or even okay as well as trying to make sure the company doesn't fall apart while he's gone.

Today, I am going down to the hospital once I find out when his procedure begins to say I love you and see you in a few hours. Then, I'm supposed to go home and work while waiting and wondering.


It's really windy here today. Every few minutes, there's a big WHOOOSH and a gust of wind. It even whistles through the trees. My dad loves days like this. That has to be a sign, right? Look at me, trying to find special meaning in everyday occurrences. Maybe the saying should be, "There are no atheists in waiting rooms."
But what else can I do? He's my only daddy.


  1. My dad is going thru something like this and I feel for you, And you post made me tear up! I better call him, as he is my only daddy.

  2. Thanks Jennette, YOUR comment made me tear up :) I wish you strength and I hope we both are able to have merry Christmases :)


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