Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twelve Years

I took this on September 12, 2001, down the street from my parents' house. These kids sold lemonade and gave the proceeds to the Red Cross. All day long, people stopped by to pay $5, $10, $20 for a cup of lemonade. 

We all have what we remember most about 9/11 - for me, it's two things. The morning that it happened, seeing the second plane hit live on TV. And the way it felt like everyone pulled together afterwards. Even here, 3,000 miles away, we felt a kinship, a togetherness, a we're-all-in-this-together. I remember feeling the most American that I've ever felt then. 

I hope you take a few moments to remember those who perished twelve years ago today. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Find: $6 Express Flats!

I know I'm a couple days late on the Labor Day Sale Finds post, but I've been trying to prolong my weekend! Haha, but it didn't work. Also, I only have one item because I tried really hard to ignore all those emails and store banners that wanted my monies. But here are the beauties that I did find when I ventured into the mall with friends on Monday.

Express pointed toe flats in the most gorgeous, vibrant blue ("celestial blue") you've ever seen. And for... $6!! These are on sale for a respectable $24.43 online, so you can still snap them up if you love them, too. And of course you do. 

I've decided that I'm going to end up with a fabulous flat collection. An FFC. It's happening. I already have leopard flats, lemon yellow flats, black jelly flats... I should do a post on all my flats. I'm already planning it... :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I MADE A FONT! Actually, Two Fonts!

I've always been a typography nerd. 

I used to save scraps of paper with pleasing fonts - menus, invitations, newspaper ads.

I've seen this movie:

I have this shirt: 

So, when I discovered iFontMaker (via A Beautiful Mess), I. Was. Hooked. It's sooo easy to use, sooo fun to play with, and sooo versatile. I'm obsessed.

Here are my two first fonts, created last night in less than 20 minutes. Feel free to use them, to download them, to share them; just give me a linkback if you do! :)


Arabellie available here.


First Try available here


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