Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Learning To Fly

my lovely blog friends, i am going on a trip this weekend. i don't actually know where. i have no reservations, no plans. i do have paper maps, a packed suitcase and a full tank of gas.

until monday night when i return, i will be unreachable - no phone, internet, computers, facebook, blogging, nothing! just me, my car and my music. which is scary and a little exciting all at once. 

i'm such a planner that going into this without an itinerary is also freaking me out. i have some ideas - maybe i'll go south towards oceanside, maybe i'll go west to arizona or utah, maybe i'll go north towards sequoia. 

i am so optimistic that this weekend spent with myself will be just what i need to feel centered, happy and whole. my hope is that i will find myself out there and that i will like that person. 

mr. tom petty really could be the soundtrack to so many moments in my life (and i'm sure in yours). but this song has been in my head for the past few days, especially the refrain below, and i know it will be the song playing as i pull out of my driveway and into the sunrise.

have a beautiful, happy weekend - i know i will! :)

"Well, some say life will beat you down

Break your heart, steal your crown

So I've started out for God knows where

I guess I'll know when I get there"
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