Monday, December 6, 2010

Tutorial: Denim Christmas Trees

Aren't these the sweetest little christmas trees? I love how they look in denim, but you could use any old shirts you have lying around (wouldn't plaid be great?). Get the details at One Crafty Mumma.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Christmassified My Place!

I am still unpacking and decorating my place, so I don't have artwork pictures to show you yet, but here are a few vignettes of my home for your enjoyment!

{my christmassified bookcase
stocking holders and stockings from target
purple finger knit garland by me - tutorial here
retro knit crochet garland by the nerdy penguin
christmas garland from tj maxx
pandas love tennis print from pandasparrow}

{my christmassified tv stand
red candle and wooden bowl from pottery barn
large snowman from home goods
blue frame from pottery barn kids
awesome 70s joy wall hanging from salvation army
frolicat laser cat toy from amazon - review coming soon!
santa  and wooden tree from tj maxx
little snowman from salvation army
tree topper from target
sugar cookie scented candle form kohls
scissors - obviously part of my vignette - from office depot}

And yesterday, I got a tree! And then decorated it! And here it is!

{since i don't have a dining table yet, i put it in the kitchen. 
this also makes for easy cleanup of fallen needles!
ornaments from target, crate and barrel, michaels, home goods, and salvation army}

And I started bikram yoga! Today is my second class and I'll be trying out some new yoga gear I got - reviews will follow. :)

And... I'm getting another kitty today! Her name is Olivia, and no I didn't name her. But when I saw that she was the female equivalent of my precious Oliver, I knew it was meant to be. There's a really cute story here and I will save it for Olivia's introductory post. :)

 I hope you all had amazing Thanksgiving weekends, full of friends, family, shopping and tryptophan naps. :)

Focus On... Emily Finan!

I first saw Emily Finan's ACEO set The Four Seasons and fell in love with the vibrant colors surrounding such delicate faces. Then I saw her Victorian girls and who wouldn't love those big white bows? Emily graciously answered my questions. So, read on!

Tell me some basic info about yourself.
My name is Emily Finan, I'm an artist/illustrator from outside of Detroit, Michigan. I am currently finishing up my degree in studio art and will also be certified to be a K-12 art teacher. 

What kind of mediums do you use and why?

I love working with charcoal, graphite, and black india ink. I enjoy working on colored papers, and adding splashes of white and gold ink. This year I have also been focusing on digital drawings made in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. By limiting my color pallet, I am really forced to think about composition and value.

What made you decide to sell on etsy?

I have always wanted to be able to make a living doing something that I loved. As I started to study art more deeply in college, it seemed natural to sell my work to others. After a lot of research, I decided that etsy was a great venue to sell prints of my work, and it has been a great experience so far.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I am inspired by people, especially children. Old photographs, books, dreams, the story of childhood - the line between reality and fantasy - are all things that inspire me.

What is your favorite music to craft by?

I don't listen to music that often in my studio - usually when I am working I have the TV on for background noise. I like HGTV, Food Network, and History Channel.

When it's cold outside, I wrap myself up in blankets and keep a hot cup of coffee in my hands at all times!

When I'm hungry, I whip out my favorite take-out menus and yell at myself for my lack of skills in the kitchen.

When I need a boost, I either go for a walk with my puppy Vinnie or grab a triple-shot mocha from my favorite coffee shop. (Sometimes both!)

I wish I was a bit more organized.

If I could give one gift to everyone I know, it would be the feeling of being content.

If I could have coffee with anyone, it would be Bethenney Frankle from the reality TV show Real Housewives of NYC. I find it fascinating how she balances running a business, having a social life, and starting a family. 

If I were an animal, I'd like to be a sea horse. I've always wanted to breath underwater!

My favorite piece of my own..that's tough! I think out of everything I'd done, I favor my sketchbooks the most. They're not only maps of my artistic process, but portals into my thoughts.

My favorite blogs/websites right now:

We Have A Winner!

And the winner of the Kelli Murray Art Giveaway is....


I will be emailing you shortly to get your mailing information, Amber. Thanks so much to Kelli for her generosity and to all of you who entered! Check back for more giveaways!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Focus On... Lil Photo Boxes! {And Free Shipping!}

Lil Photo Boxes is backed by Michelle, a talented artist in Seattle. Michelle takes beautiful photographs and mounts them on reclaimed wood or in reclaimed wood shadowboxes. I love the juxtaposition of her clean photography and the rawness of her materials. Read on for an interview with Michelle and a shipping discount!

Tell me some basic info about yourself.
I am an artist, photographer, amateur musician, and traveler.

What kind of mediums do you use and why?

Film, encaustics, and whatever's at hand. I like trying new things and change my focus when necessary.

{photo block - vintage flash bulbs}

What made you decide to sell on etsy?

I had been vending at festivals for some time and met other vendors from Etsy... it seemed like a good idea.

{photo block - vintage jack frost fan}

Where do you get your inspiration?

My dreams, everyday situations, the possibility in mundane objects.


What is your favorite music to craft by?

Andrew Bird, Bierut, DeVotchka

{ultra mini - movement no. 2}

When it's cold outside... the wax is melting!

When I'm hungry... I dream.

When I need a boost... I pick up my violin.

I wish I was... traveling.

If I could give one gift to everyone I know, it would be... happiness. 

{desert tree no. 18}

If I could have coffee with anyone, it would be... tea... with Marcel Duchamp.

If you were an animal, what would you be? A hawk... 

{ultra mini - o'brien tower}

What's your favorite piece of your own? 
A series of dance photographs that I shot in Quebec City.

What are your favorite blogs/websites right now? 
I love searching through Flickr.

{vintage kodak brownie camera}

You can find Michelle
on facebook
on flickr
on her site
and on etsy!

Michelle has offered a deal for Kate and Oli readers!!
**FREE Shipping on two or more items - convo Michelle for specific shipping charges!**

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Focus On... Kelli Murray Art! {and a Giveaway!}

Kelli Murray Art has that look. You know it - the muted colors, the doe-eyed girls, the flowing hair. I love this style of illustration and I bet you do too! Kelli has been extremely generous and has offered up a print for one lucky reader! Read on for the interview and giveaway details!

Tell me some basic info about yourself.
I am 25 and I live in Encintas, CA with my husband and kitten. I work full time as the head designer for a clothing company called Jedidiah based out of San Diego. I am also a self taught artist and love to paint, sketch and do freelance design in my free time. 

What kind of mediums do you use and why?
With my paintings, I always use wood as my canvas. I use acrylic paint for most of my work but also use india ink or liquid acrylics for my line work. Some of my illustrations are done with pencil and then brought to life digitally.

What made you decide to sell on etsy?

I heard about Etsy through one of my good friends who had started a shop a long time ago and found a lot of success in it. The risk is low and it is a wonderful outlet to get your art more visible. It was also a way for people to buy PRINTS of my work at a more reasonable price than my originals. I love the etsy community.

{smitten - my fave!}

Where do you get your inspiration?
BLOGS! i am so inspired by blogs! But that is just the beginning. I was first drawn to art through a friend immersed in street culture. So I suppose that was my first inspiration. I loved the character illustrations of street artists like Fafi and Miss Van....and still do. I think my characters are extensions of me and I love to portray emotion in my work. I'm constantly inspired by nature, by fashion, by texture and color. 

What is your favorite music to craft by?
Constantly changing but at the moment it is Bon Iver and Jonsi.

When it's cold outside...
i wear boots. LOTS of boots.

When I'm hungry...
i'm grumpy. 

When I need a boost...
i drink an iced americano.

I wish I was/were...
better at photography.

If I could give one gift to everyone I know, it would be...
TIME...I wish there was more time to spend with the ones i love.

If I could have coffee with anyone, it would be...
my husband. He is the all time best coffee date.

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A cat Bam has the life. I am quite jealous of him.

What's your favorite piece of your own?
I think my Bride piece. This is the painting I did a few weeks before my wedding. We had it set up at the reception and it holds a special place in my heart. It is actually the only original I have kept for myself.

What are your favorite blogs/websites right now?

You can find Kelli on
her blog
and etsy!

Kelli has generously offered up a print of "Rooted in Love" to a lucky winner!

- To be eligible for entry, you must be a follower of my blog through google friend connect or through your preferred RSS reader. -
- Make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you win. -
- Please leave separate comments for each entry. - 

First entry (mandatory):
- Follow Kelli's blog!

Extra entries (optional):
- Head over to Kelli Murray Art and tell me your favorite item!
- Sign up for the Kate and Oli mailing list.
- Follow me on Twitter, tweet about this giveaway and leave me the link.
- Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link. 

Fine print: Giveaway begins when it is posted and ends at 11:59pm pacific standard time November 26, 2010. A winner will be selected by a random number generator on November 27, 2010 and will be emailed promptly. 
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