Friday, July 31, 2009

Cart-worthy + Heart-worthy!

Today's installment of CW + HW has lots of fun finds from some of my favorite modern furnishings websites.

Row One:
Vertebrae Lamp - This would be such a shocking piece in a living room and I love the idea of using it in a study.
Boots Umbrella Stand - Isn't the idea of riding boots just so... preppy in that horsey-set sort of way? I picture brunette girls in tan riding pants and muddy boots coming in for lunch.
Steel Magnolia - Not only is it beautiful, but everyone will chuckle when they realize what it is.
Gymnast Scuplture - Love the movement and strength in this piece.

Row Two:
Horse Bookends - I don't often get the oppotunity to ride horses, but when I do I am always amazed at what solid pieces of muscle they are.
Mini Pink Glass Squash - Isn't this adorable? The color, the shape, the glossiness; I just want to eat it!
Blue Glass Pumpkin - Pumpkins have such a pleasing shape and in cobalt blue, my favorite, it's even lovelier.
6 foot uglydolls – Wage - Have you heard of Uglydolls? They are very sweet. This is Wage, he's a worker at your local store and this version of Wage happens to be SIX FEET TALL. Can you imagine a lovelier friend in the corner of your child's room?

Row Three:
Gilded Twig & Foliage Tableware - I don't know how usable these are, but I just want to set a table with them. Maybe with a pink and gold theme.
Lucite Adirondack Chair - A friend of mine just signed a lease for a beautiful, minimalist condo at the top of Coldwater Canyon and I can clearly (haha) see this on his bamboo deck.
Aluminum Robin - I love birds, I love clean design, therefore I love this piece. Also, my mom's name is Robin and I think this would look lovely in her remodeled kitchen.
Mosaic Containers - These are actually from a nursery web site, but I think they're lovely for everyday use: kitchen, study, bathroom. The colors are definitely what I think a nursery should be though: colorful, stimulating, and exciting.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beautiful Boy

Two nights ago, Jonathan and I went to the gym for the first time in almost 2 months. It was so good to be back - of course I didn't want to go when I was comfy on the couch beforehand, but Jon is good at being motivating (i.e. annoying) and once I got on the elliptical, I was happy. We had plans to go yesterday after I babysat, but I was sad and he was sore. Hopefully, tomorrow we can start the routine again.

Last night I babysat for one of my favorite kids, Cooper. He is a sweet kid with a mop of curly blond hair, a mischievous smile and happens to have Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. While it usually doesn't affect our time together (other than me telling him repeatedly to walk with flat feet), sometimes I'll be hanging out with him, drawing monsters or playing Lego Indiana Jones on Wii and I get really sad. This beautiful boy will not see 30.

Unless we make it happen. Unless we find a cure, fight for stem cell research, write our representatives to stop wasting money on $5,000 toilets and instead focus on saving little boys' lives. It makes me so angry if I think about the fact that we live in one of the largest states in one of the richest, most well-developed countries in the world and we don't have enough research dollars to do this. It's not just our legislators either, it's all of us. We don't have our priorities straight - the extra Cokes I buy each day could save me $20 a week. $80 a month, $960 a year. If I stopped buying Cokes and donated that money to research, not only would I be a lot healthier, but I would have almost $1000 to further research ways to save Cooper.

I told Cooper yesterday that he could come to my wedding (whenever that happens) and he said I could come to his. I almost cried right there. But instead I said, "I'll be there with monsters on." He giggled and it was the best sound I've ever heard.

Cooper's Website

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gladiola mihi est.

These were at Cooper's house last week when I baby-sat. They were so RED that I had to take a few shots.

**The title of this post is taken from my favorite Latin phrase: "Gladius mihi est." meaning "I have a sword."**

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cart-worthy + Heart-worthy

*Cart-worthy + Heart-worthy* is a new feature I'm introducing today. The title comes from the checkout process on Etsy - you can "add to cart" or you can simply "heart" an item.

This is the Omar Alien Pattern from Cheezombie. If I could knit (or crochet) (or sew), I would totally make one of these. Even so, I'm considering buying the pattern so that I can force one of my more nimble-fingered friends to make it for me...

This print from Rare Device is so sweet. If I had a nursery, or someone to put IN a nursery, I would add this for their (and my) viewing enjoyment.

These aren't exactly cart-able, though they are definitely cart-worthy! 10-15 miles northeast of my house lies a very tony neighborhood called Hancock Park.

I had never really been IN this neighborhood until last week when my boyfriend and I had time to kill in the area and decided to drive around. IT WAS AMAZING.

The architecture in this area is beautiful and surprisingly varied. I love the old houses in this neighborhood as so much of Los Angeles (especially the beach suburbs) is full of new construction. I like the clean lines and simple silhouette of a contemporary home as well, but there's nothing like the character and sense of history that these houses have.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too Bad Money Tree Is A Misnomer...

Yesterday morning, I woke up far too early and decided to go outside and water the plants before the blinding sun came over the building next to me and withered them into tiny sad remnants of what they used to be. Whew! That was impassioned. While watering, I was struck by the color (and amazing scent) of my freesia - so I dashed inside, grabbed the camera and started snapping. I hope I did the color justice.

I also took some pictures of the money tree next to said freesia.

Even though I tend to kill plants quickly, I LOVE having them around. And with Home Depot's green-thumb guarantee, you can bring back dead plants to exchange for new ones within six months of purchase. AWESOME!

First Craft Fair!!!!

Hello all!

Wow, I have TONS of new cards to put up for sale. I also have a new collection of bookmarks available, I'll be adding these between now and next Wednesday.

This weekend, on Sunday, I will be selling at a craft show in Los Angeles! It's my first one, so I'm kind of running around with my head cut off as it gets closer. I just don't want to forget anything! If you're around, please, please stop by and check it out! The link below has all of the information!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gone Digital!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! At my house, we had a BBQ complete with corn on the cob - my favorite! When we were all sitting around stuffed, a friend of mine asked if she could use my floss. I said, "I don't have any floss." She was flabbergasted and went to go use my roommate's. Three days later, yesterday, I had a dentist appointment where she asked if I had been flossing and I told her the story. The assistant laughed, the dentist didn't. Oh well, you can't make everyone happy! But she did slip me a few boxes of floss on my way out. :)

In other news, I've gone digital!!! I've just started adding digital art (posters and cards) to my etsy store. I have lots of cute designs and many more are in the works! For a 10% discount on the new digital cards and art prints, please mention code "DIGI10" in the notes to seller at checkout!
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