Friday, July 17, 2009

Cart-worthy + Heart-worthy

*Cart-worthy + Heart-worthy* is a new feature I'm introducing today. The title comes from the checkout process on Etsy - you can "add to cart" or you can simply "heart" an item.

This is the Omar Alien Pattern from Cheezombie. If I could knit (or crochet) (or sew), I would totally make one of these. Even so, I'm considering buying the pattern so that I can force one of my more nimble-fingered friends to make it for me...

This print from Rare Device is so sweet. If I had a nursery, or someone to put IN a nursery, I would add this for their (and my) viewing enjoyment.

These aren't exactly cart-able, though they are definitely cart-worthy! 10-15 miles northeast of my house lies a very tony neighborhood called Hancock Park.

I had never really been IN this neighborhood until last week when my boyfriend and I had time to kill in the area and decided to drive around. IT WAS AMAZING.

The architecture in this area is beautiful and surprisingly varied. I love the old houses in this neighborhood as so much of Los Angeles (especially the beach suburbs) is full of new construction. I like the clean lines and simple silhouette of a contemporary home as well, but there's nothing like the character and sense of history that these houses have.


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