Friday, December 21, 2012

Live Like A Cat

I know, I know, I only seem to post sad kitty posts these days. But guys, these are sad kitty times.
In 1995, 2 days after my 10th birthday, my friend's cat had kittens. I was there for the birth and watched them greedily and blindly try to find their momma's milk. We had a cat when I was very small, but before I turned 6, Oreo had contracted feline leukemia. One day my mom took him to the vet and just never brought him back. I begged to have one of these kittens and my parents said yes.
So, I chose one who had a white diamond on his forehead and I named him Diamondhead (like in Hawaii). Then, throgh some convoluted thinking about rare male Calicos, I named him Prophet (because I thought I was going to make bank and "phe" looked prettier than "fi". Well, he never made us any money, but boy did he enrich our lives.
{1995, right after we brought him home}
Prophet was MINE. He slept with me, kneading my armpit as we cuddled. I picked fleas off his chin and fed him tuna when no one was looking. He got older, fatter, and meaner. Then, when I was away in college, he got a fungal infection in his nose and was very sick. But he crawled away from death's door. Six years later, he had a lump on his leg that the doctor thought was cancerous, so we had one of his front legs removed. Tripod mew gets around just fine and beat death again.
While I was away, he became my dad's cat. My dad has been known to say, "Go find my cat, I can't sleep without him." They are best buds and I'm glad that they were able to make this connection. I love all my parent's cats, as well as my own, but any cat owner will understand that sometimes there is a deeper feeling, a connection that doesn't happen everytime.
Four years later and we're in the present, where my Prophet is 17 and a half years old - ancient for a cat. He's pretty sick right now though and it might be time to let him go. We'll see what the next few weeks bring. But I sincerely hope I don't lose TWO cats in 2012 or I'll just have to throw a "Life's not fair!" temper tantrum.
Over this holiday season, this long weekend, or even this evening - take a moment to live like a cat. To live in the NOW, to enjoy the people aroound you, the food in front of you, and the love in your life.
In Cleo, a lovely book about a little kitty that saves a family, Helen Brown says,
“Guilt isn't in cat vocabulary. They never suffer remorse for eating too much, sleeping too long or hogging the warmest cushion in the house. They welcome every pleasurable moment as it unravels and savour it to the full until a butterfly or falling leaf diverts their attention. They don't waste energy counting the number of calories they've consumed or the hours they've frittered away sunbathing.

Cats don't beat themselves up about not working hard enough. They don't get up and go, they sit down and stay. For them, lethargy is an art form. From their vantage points on top of fences and window ledges, they see the treadmills of human obligations for what they are - a meaningless waste of nap time.”
And send your prayers and good thoughts to my Prophet.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Win a Baby Cargo Stroller!

I have an awesome giveaway to share with you today - just in time for Christmas! As you know, I don't have a munchkin, but as a babysitter and an honorary aunt to some fantastic little people, I know how useful it is to have a great stroller. Check it out below! And good luck!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm In The Beach Magazine 2012 Gift Guide!

A few weeks ago, I was approached by a local magazine about doing an interview for the 2012 Gift Guide. I happily accepted and now it's out! 
I'm famous! Haha, not really. But I am super excited!
You can read the full interview here!
And if you are here because of the interview, welcome! I'm so happy to have you here. :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day

On this Election Day 2012, I would love to share with you a few of my favorite election/voting related posts that I've come across lately.
I consider myself a pretty political person, in that I have very strong opinions and no problem sharing them, debating them, or learning about others'. Over the past twenty years, I've listened to my parents' opinions, done research, and formed my own. I've watched my liberal, Democrat mother turn into a Tea-Party-rally-attending-uber-conservative. And I've watched my parents' opinions change as they got older, entered different stages in ther lives, and accumulated more money.

Like most people, they are multi-faceted and don't hold straight to party lines, and they've taught me that a person's value, intelligence and goodness is not tied to their political party

I definitely have a strong conviction in my beliefs and what I think is right and wrong, but one of those beliefs is that we are all entitled to respectfully present what we believe. There's a fantastic quote I have taped to my bedroom mirror
"Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others."
I try to live my days with this principle in mind.
With that said, I hope you will accept these links with an open mind.

Kim's post at oh, sweet joy addresses why she votes on a handful of issues
Jen at the beginning of wisdom warns against teaching your children cynicism and disrespect if your candidate doesn't win tonight
Melissa over at bubby and bean posted about why she loves election day
the rikrak studio shares beautiful voting posters

I hope you all get out there and exercise the rights that were so hard fought for you. To me, not voting is like saying a big screw you to all the men and women who gave their lives for my freedom and opportunity.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite political quotes


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Goodbye, Beautiful Boy

Yesterday, when I woke up and saw the date - 10/10 -
I thought "Today is an auspicious day."
Boy, was I wrong.

Yesterday, our beautiful mew Titus was hit by a car.
{Feb 2010}
He was only three years old and he was perfect. I miss him so and my heart is broken. As my mom said, "It's a wonder I can still love with all these animal-shaped holes in my heart."

It is unhappily coincidental that I just posted this, about pet loss and why October sucks. I didn't expect to add another sad event to my list so soon.
{Dec 2009}
Titus was one of the kittens we rescued in October of 2009 and was a frequent visitor on the blog. He, along with his sister, Ruby, have brought us so much joy over these past few years. I only wish we could have had a few more.
 {Titus (green collar) and Ruby as kittens - Dec 2009}
{Ruby is on the left, Titus is on the right - May 2011}
{Ruby is above, Titus is below}
He was loved, and loving, and oh so beautiful. I don't want to share much about how he died, but I will share pictures of him and leave you with this thought:
"I know you're in a hurry, I know you have to get to work, I know you have a big meeting. But if you hit an animal, please stop. Please stop and find someone who can help if you can't. Please have some compassion, because that's someone else's family that you just drove away from."

Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome To The World Baby Luke!

I am so happy to introuduce you to my new boyfriend, Luke! He was born on Tuesday night and I immediately fell in love with him. You may have seen his parents' maternity shoot here. I went to visit him yesterday and just stared at him. He's stolen my heart :)
Happy birth day, Luke!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Forays Into Extreme Couponing! {Also, Better Than Free Honey Maid Graham Crackers At RiteAid!}

One of the ways I have been saving money has been...

 I started out as a casual couponer, using a $0.50 off coupon on my Smart Balance butter. Within a week, I discovered I am not casual. I have all the attributes of a good couponer - eagerness, thriftiness, TIME, zeal, access to many computers/printers, organization, and enthusiasm.
And then it got crazy.
Soon, I found that I could get things for FREE. Well, I'm a sucker for free. Here's a breakdown of my latest deal:

To do this deal, you'll need a RiteAid card, and 2 Nabisco coupons from (choose Nabisco from the brand drop down menu, press go, then select the first and only coupon - $1/2).
Certain Nabisco items are 2/$5 at RiteAid (Honey Maid, Cheese Nips, Saltines, and Ritz Crackerfuls).
There is also a $2 UP Reward (money you can use at RiteAid the following day), PLUS a $5 Up Reward when you spend $10.
SO, if you buy FOUR boxes, that would be $10. You'll get $5 in UP Rewards, $4 in Up Rewards ($2 per box). That's a cost of $1 to you.
BUT, use your coupons and you'll save an additional $2, which means you're getting FOUR boxes and making $1!
With the coupons, you have an out of pocket cost of $8, without them, it's $10. Note: there is a limit of 3 uses per RiteAid card for each UP Reward ($5, $2).
My receipt was $0 because I had enough UP Rewards in my account to pay for the out of pocket costs.
This is still a good deal even without the coupons! I am using some of these, but a lot of them will be donated to a food drive at a local school this holiday season. FREE GIVING! :) 
I first heard about this deal from SouthernCaliSaver. Note: this deal may not be good in all areas - check your flyer for the UP Rewards listed.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear Daughter, Please Stop Texting

It drives my dad crazy when I text.
Even though I explain that it makes him sound like an old man, he can't help but say
"Kate! Stop texting!!"
whenever I look at my phone.
My general (annoyed-teenager-sounding) response
"I'm NOT texting!"
My dad is super subtle, right?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pet Loss And Why I'm Not A Halloweener

Last night, I received a very sad message from a friend who had to put down her beautiful Rottweiler. He had cancer and it was the right thing to do, but it is NEVER easy.
Then, this morning, I saw that Clemence from Oh the lovely things lost her mew recently.
The timing is impeccable because I was already thinking about loss. This time of year hits me pretty hard and I'm so sad to add another soul lost to the list. October and November are my least favorite months because of this sadness. It's not that I don't like Halloween. It's that Halloween has been tinged with darkness since 1995, when I spent it in a rocking chair in a dark living room, listening to my dad cry in the next room. And since then, the sad has piled up. Cats and dogs and people...they just don't seem to last through the season around here.
I just want to go home and cuddle my mews. Am I off work yet?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear All Friends Who Are Currently In Relationships


Dear all friends who are currently in relationships,

I don't understand you.

I don't.

I don't know if I can ever be you. Some days, I really want to be you - all cuddly and smooshy and moving forward with your life plans-y.

But other days, I look at you making these huge compromises. And I think...I could never do that. I mean, I've been in relationships. Long-term ones! But I don't think I ever was that person who gave herself so completely to anyone that she lost HERSELF. I've always been Katie. Not KatieandVictor or KatieandPercy or -- you can tell I'm making up these names, right?

This weekend, I saw a friend who doesn't hang out with us very often and I asked if he was attending a birthday party the following day. His response: "Not sure, gotta see what the boss [i.e. his wife] is doing." I almost died. I mean, WHAT?! If I want to go to a party, I'll go to a party. And in this case, the birthday boy was a very good friend of his, like groomsmen at each other's weddings sort of good friend. I couldn't comprehend the maybe.

Now, I understand the glow of new love. And I understand checking with your spouse to see if they're already making dinner before you make plans to go out to happy hour. But I don't understand this whole concept of not doing something unless your partner wants to.

Did you all lose your identities?! I am a person who likes to go to farmers' markets. If I were dating a boy who didn't (god forbid), should I stop going because we can only do things together?

Um, that answer is no, by the way. NO. I should keep going - with boyfriend, or without boyfriend. His preferences don't change MY preferences.

I know that relationships come in all sizes - and that every couple has their own way of communicating. But I so strongly believe that you should not give away your decision-making power. And you should not give up your likes and dislikes. And you should have some things that you maybe even do by yourself.

And maybe...this is why I'm single.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Shana Tovah U'Metukah

Tonight marks the second night of Rosh Hashanah and though I'm not Jewish, I like to celebrate this holiday because the meaning resonates with me. Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Jewish year, and to Jews, the birthday of mankind. The general idea is that one must accept God as King, and that God's desire to continue creating the world rests on this acceptance. I don't know about that part, but I love the themes of renewal, hope, giving thanks, abundance, and clean slates.

I explained a bit about the apples and honey tradition in this post here and for the past few years, I've taken time to sit down and dip apples into honey.

This year, I'm going to add pomegranates and challah bread, as my local Jewish Center now sells fresh challah. Pomegranates are eaten as they symbolize the wish to have a year full of good deeds, just as pomegranates are filled wth juicy seeds. Challah bread is a centerpiece of any Jewish meal and symbolizes the food from heaven provided to the Jews after the exodus from Egypt.
Even if you're not Jewish (as I'm not), I hope you can appreciate the meaning behind this day - and shana tovah u'metukah
(wishing you a sweet and happy new year)!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Katie & Anthony: Maternity Shoot!

Last week, I was lucky to be a part of a magical day: my good friends Katie and Anthony asked Jonathan and I to help them with a maternity shoot. Jon and I have done this a few times for friends - he takes the pictures, I do the styling/editing. This was our first maternity shoot, though, AND our first outdoor venue. I do think they turned out pretty well, though! Here are some of my favorites!


Didn't they turn out lovely? Feel free to pin your favorites - just follow me on pinterest!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kate Has Debt: What I'm Doing To Get Out Of This Mess

In my new series, Kate Has Debt, I am tackling the big questions about debt. I started with How Did I get Into This Mess?! and here is the next step:

What Am I Doing To Get Out Of This Mess?!

Well, for starters, I have instituted some ideas I got from Anna over at And Then She Saved, (an awesome blog). I am going on a spending diet. I probably should go on a spending fast, but I don't know if I have enough willpower for that. I am accustomed to my lifestyle, and while I understand it can't be sustained and that it's financially disastrous, I can't just stop. So, I'm going to ramp up. Or down. You know what I mean!

My list of NEEDS
1. Rent
2. Utilities - Keeping lights off as much as possible. I'm also going to look into "vampire power" - the power that plugged in items use, even when they're off!
3. Food - I have TONS of food in my pantry at home. The goal is to work through that and really only buy fresh/perishable items.
4. Car/renters' insurance - An absolute necessity, and I'm not okay lowering my coverages.
5. Cat food/litter - the munchkins will likely move off of Science Diet.

Basically, it works like this: You make a list of NEEDS - see above. You determine how you can save money within those NEEDS. You stop spending money on other stuff. You pay those NEEDS when they pop up. Here's the tricky part: I want some discretional spending. It can be a small amount - but I need SOME.

So, I made a list of

1. Etsy
2. Clothes
3. Shoes
4. Home Decor
5. Make-up
6. Bed linens and towels
7. Hot chocolates from coffee shops
8. Desserts when out with friends - shave ice, pie, ice cream. This is good for my wallet AND my waistline.
9. Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Bar Soap, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Shaving Cream, or Perfume - see picture below...

{NEVER need to buy any of this stuff again...}

So, I have a list of NEEDS and a list of EXTRAS, but I mentioned earlier that I want some discretionary money. So, I'm giving myself $100/month on FUN. This can be eating out, going to the movies, or maybe going to Knott's Scary Farm (which I REALLY want to do this month!).

To make this $100 more palatable,
I've cut out my luxuries:

1. I get gel mani/pedis about every 3 weeks - at $70/each, this is $1050/year. Six weeks ago, I thought it was nothing, today I am appalled that I spent that much money ON MY NAILS.
 2. I generally wax my unruly eyebrows about once a month - and at $12/each, this is $120/year. Come on Kate! When did I get so lazy? I can pluck my own eyebrows! FOR FREE.
3. I buy Groupons and Livingsocial deals like candy. They're for things like massages, facials, wine tasting, nice dinners, and yoga classes. ALL COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.
Here are some things I've already cut out over the past year - 
without even thinking of saving money.

1. I stopped dying my hair almost a year ago - even though I always did it myself, this saves me tons of money.
2. I stopped buying soda/bottled water for my house (I still buy sodas in restaurants and I keep a case of water in my trunk for emergencies).

I've taken some steps to make it easier to save money:

1. I probably bought new clothes EVERY WEEK. Who am I? Crazy, that's who. I unsubscribed from all of the deal emails from my favorite retailers. No more "30% off at Old Navy today only!" or "Extra 50% off clearance at LOFT!" This has been one of the easiest ways for me to change my spending, because these daily emails are what lured me in everytime. Without them, it's like I forget about shopping! :)

2. I've started logging every transaction I have - whether it's cash, credit, or an online bill pay. This means I have a up-to-date balance and spending money is much more REAL when you can watch it disappear in black and white. Next week, I'll talk more about how I'm doing this.

3. I've started using coupons! I'm not an extreme couponer, but I've started clipping. And I've saved tons of money! Using some really useful blogs, and spending some time acquiring and organizing coupons, I've been able to buy things I would normally buy for up to 100% off the price I'd normally pay.

I'm sure there are more steps I can take and I am looking for new ones everyday! If you have had particular saving success and have any tips or tricks for me, please share!!

One more thing:
I also figured out exactly how much I owe, how much I own, and how much I make and with that info, I created a budget and a plan to pay off my debt. That's for next week!

Stay tuned for:

-- The tools I'm using to get out of this mess --
-- What I hope to achieve --
-- How I'm going to make sure I will never be here again --

Don't forget to read:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Kate Has Debt: How I Got Into This Mess

In my new series, Kate Has Debt, I am tackling the big questions about debt, starting with
How Did I Get Into This Mess?!
One word: 
I am an online shopper, an impulse-buyer, a deal-lover. I can't pass up a $5 cute shirt from Old Navy, a $10 print from Etsy, or a $1 bowl from Salvation Army. I don't buy large ticket items, I buy A LOT of small ticket items. 
I buy Charmin toilet paper, lots of fresh produce, and tons of books.
I am suckered in by "BUY 2, GET 1 FREE" body wash deals and $25 sheet sets (FOR A QUEEN!). 
I am out of control.
A few more words:
Keeping Up With The Joneses
It's hard to say you can't do what everyone else is doing because you can't afford it. It's hard to sit at home when your friends are on a trip, at the movies, or in a new restaurant. It's even harder to realize you may not see a movie for YEARS because of this hole you're in. Time to climb out.

It's pretty sobering to realize that I am not in debt because I am struggling to pay my rent, buy my groceries, or fill my gas tank. I am here because I buy too much STUFF.
I even made a list of 
1. Gasoline
2. Health Insurance
3. Copays, Prescriptions
4. 401k Contributions
5. Breakfast & Lunch 5x A Week
How can I not manage to pay my bills on time and in full with benefits like that?
Poor, poor management. 
Which is going to change - but how?

Stay tuned for:

-- The tools I'm using to get out of it --
-- What I hope to achieve --
-- How I'm going to make sure I will never be here again --

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kate Has Debt :(

In the past on this blog, I have touched on some serious issues, like depression and weight loss and lifestyle changes, so I hope it's not a huge surprise that I am going to devote some time to another: debt and money management. 

I plan to be really honest with you about my current situation and my plan to improve it. I know that some of you have similar hurdles in your financial lives and I hope this helps you. What I'd love is for you to share your stories with me - whether it's something you stopped doing in order to live a debt-free lifestyle or something you just can't bring yourself to cut out. I understand, I've been there. I am there.

{this is what i feel like i'm doing sometimes

I will post about the following:

-- How I got into this mess --
-- What I'm doing to get out of it --
-- The tools I'm using to get out of it --
-- What I hope to achieve --
-- How I'm going to make sure I will never be here again --

Along the way, my goal is to bring humor, reality, honesty, and support to a subject that causes so much shame, guilt, and denial.

Thanks for joining me along this journey!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Lifespan Of A Henna Tattoo

Last weekend, my friends Sean and Prathima got married and as part of the celebration, there was a mehndi party. This was only my second time having henna done and I loved it! But, while it's a beautiful art doesn't last very long. Here is the lifespan of my henna tattoo.

{the ladies and i at the mehndi party - from left: Katie, Lindsay, Dawn, Me, Shimonee}

{2 hours after}

{4 days after}

{6 days after}

{9 days later}

Conclusion: They look great for a few days, then they start to fade. The fingers and hands last longer than the arms, because there's more heat and the heat is what sets the dye.
So many conversations were opened up with people commenting on my henna for the past week and I will definitely do this again!

Friday, August 17, 2012

New Handmade Cards By Kate & Oli On Etsy!

I've got some fun, colorful, BRIGHT, handmade cards heading to the shop! Check them out and pick one up for your mom, best friend, boss, boyfriend, neighbor, or mailman today!


Cart-Worthy + Heart-Worthy: Fruit and Veggies!

Maybe it's because it's summer and farmer's markets are everywhere. Maybe it's because I keep trying to remember to "eat the rainbow." Or maybe it's because I love food art. Whatever the reason, these are the beauties that have ended up in my favorites this week!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Am My Car? I Am Not My Car?

It's really interesting/sad/lovely/human how we use things to label ourselves. Take cars, for example. I drive a Volvo S40 T5. It's fast, agile, sporty, but still classy and attractive. While I may not use all of those words to describe myself, I feel like my car reflects "me" and the image I want to show the world.

{my bff on our road trip through sequoia (read about it here)}

Unfortunately, my Swedish beauty is in some trouble right now. Not only was she rudely bumped the other day (read about it here), but over the weekend, she decided she needed a new engine. So, now I'm swimming in the murky waters of insurance, appraisers, borrowed cars, and oh so much money.

Luckily, I was able to borrow my sister's car for a few days. Now, she drives a Prius - a car I would probably never buy. It's just not sexy! It's not fast, it's not completely unattractive, but it's a little funny-looking. But also, I'm not a "Prius driver." I don't see myself that way. When I was driving her caer, I felt like an imposter. I felt like everyone was looking at me and thinking, "She must care about the environment. She obviously goes to Burning Man. She might not even shave her armpits." And, yes, I know this is crazy. But of course, we all judge people on first impressions and I *might* have been projecting my first impressions onto others.

Last night, I had to give my sister her car back, so I borrowed my friend's car - a bright yellow Ford Escape. Driving that bad boy aroound, I could hear the whispers, "She must like snowboarding. She's obviously active. I bet she surfs." I feel like I need to explain everytime I make eye contact with another driver - "Hello, yes, this isn't my car actually. I just have to drive it for a while. I normally drive a Volvo. But, not the mom kind! The cool kind, the fast kind, the successful 20-something kind."

And it's at about that point that I realize I've lost my grip on reality. I am not my car. I am a person. My car is lovely. And sexy, and fast, and beautiful and --. You get it. But it's not who I am.

But maybe it's who I want to be. Everybody uses their clothes, hair, jewelry, makeup, and things to portray an aimage of who they want the world to perceive them as. Even people who say they're "not into that" are consciously putting out that image. "I'm too smart to brush my hair or put on makeup." By the way, that was me for many years. But I WANTED people to notice my brain, not my hair, because I thought it meant we were shallow. What it really meant was that they probably didn't give my brain a thought because I looked like a homeless person.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

$7 For A 2 Year Subscription to Better Homes And Gardens!!

The Foundary has an awesome deal today for you magazine lovers!

BHG is chock full of decorating, gardening, cooking, even craft ideas!

At this price, you can get one for your mom, your bff, your kid's teacher, even your mother-in-law!
This sale ends on 8/13, so act quick!
Sign up here!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Unexpected Event :(

After a very nice dinner last night, my car was hit by a very nice man, and now I have a very nice dent. :(

I foresee a day of calling insurance companies...

{my sad car}

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sneak Peek: My Sister's Wedding

Here are a few scenes from my sister's wedding! The photographer's pictures aren't available yet, so these are taken from one of the guest's Instagram feeds. :)

She looked so lovely, didn't she?

All photos are by Elizabeth Woods.

Monday, August 6, 2012

What I Wore

I recently discovered J's Everyday Fashion via Pinterest and I am obsessed. Not only have I revamped my closet in the past 3 weeks, but I've repurposed so many things I already had. J takes inspiration photos - from magazines, catalogs, pinterest, anywhere - and recreates them using items she already has and incorporating her personal style. She also writes about how to budget for clothes, how to make the most of your money, and she always gives you a few places to find items like what she's wearing.

I've always been a super comfy/casual dresser, not worrying about coordinating colors or prints, and sometimes I've basically ignored the condition or even the fit of my clothes. Well, that's changing a bit. Now, I'm paying more attention to accessories, shoes, and what looks good on me. I still can't be bothered to do my hair/makeup most days, but it's a start!

Here are two of my recent outfits utilizing some tips I've picked up from J's Everyday Fashion (and some new clothes!).

{i wore this outfit to amy's house for a game night and i thought it was so cute! elle jeans from kohl's,  ikat top from kohl's, lauren conrad boyfriend blazer from kohl's, turquoise and lavender reptile print flats from Bamboo, bag by michael kors, necklace from cost plus}

This was a really nice outfit for a casual night with friends, but with a step up. I *might* have been hoping a special someone would stop by. :)

{this is what i wore last friday to work. this is WAY dressed up for my office, since it's just my dad and i - in my parents' house. but after work, we went to a screening of Celeste and Jesse Forever where Rashida Jones was there (!!!), so i had to look awesome. the dress is from Old Navy - i love the heart print, the tie, and the ruffled sweetheart neckline! the cardigan is from Ann Taylor Loft - i was sucked in by the sale price (cheaper in store) and the awesome bright yellow hue. the shoes are simple white flats from Payless (predictions brand).}

{here's more of a close-up so you can see the print on the dress. i'm sorry my camera phone isn't super clear!}

I am really loving this black + white + yellow outfit, the cardigan is such a fun pop to a basic color scheme.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Belong With You, You Belong With Me

{i am absolutely in love with this song and this band. they are rising stars with a new tour coming up (check it out here) and a really lovely throwback sound.
take a listen, you'll love them, too!}

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Wedding Day To My Little Sis!

At this very moment, my little sister is getting married.
Mind. Blown.

Many, many pictures to come! :)

{that, of course, is her beautiful dress, hanging in her now empty closet in her now empty room at my parents' house}
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