Friday, July 31, 2009

Cart-worthy + Heart-worthy!

Today's installment of CW + HW has lots of fun finds from some of my favorite modern furnishings websites.

Row One:
Vertebrae Lamp - This would be such a shocking piece in a living room and I love the idea of using it in a study.
Boots Umbrella Stand - Isn't the idea of riding boots just so... preppy in that horsey-set sort of way? I picture brunette girls in tan riding pants and muddy boots coming in for lunch.
Steel Magnolia - Not only is it beautiful, but everyone will chuckle when they realize what it is.
Gymnast Scuplture - Love the movement and strength in this piece.

Row Two:
Horse Bookends - I don't often get the oppotunity to ride horses, but when I do I am always amazed at what solid pieces of muscle they are.
Mini Pink Glass Squash - Isn't this adorable? The color, the shape, the glossiness; I just want to eat it!
Blue Glass Pumpkin - Pumpkins have such a pleasing shape and in cobalt blue, my favorite, it's even lovelier.
6 foot uglydolls – Wage - Have you heard of Uglydolls? They are very sweet. This is Wage, he's a worker at your local store and this version of Wage happens to be SIX FEET TALL. Can you imagine a lovelier friend in the corner of your child's room?

Row Three:
Gilded Twig & Foliage Tableware - I don't know how usable these are, but I just want to set a table with them. Maybe with a pink and gold theme.
Lucite Adirondack Chair - A friend of mine just signed a lease for a beautiful, minimalist condo at the top of Coldwater Canyon and I can clearly (haha) see this on his bamboo deck.
Aluminum Robin - I love birds, I love clean design, therefore I love this piece. Also, my mom's name is Robin and I think this would look lovely in her remodeled kitchen.
Mosaic Containers - These are actually from a nursery web site, but I think they're lovely for everyday use: kitchen, study, bathroom. The colors are definitely what I think a nursery should be though: colorful, stimulating, and exciting.


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