Friday, December 18, 2009

General Craftiness

So, I've been in a crafty mood lately. Maybe I'm feeling the holiday spirit, maybe I'm enjoying time off from school, maybe I'm just embracing my inner crafter. Whatever the reason, here's what I've been up to.

Christmas & Holiday Cards

{one (of four) batches of christmas and holiday cards i made this year.
the last picture are my faves from this batch.}

Christmas Tree and Lights

{before: naked tree. after: completed tree (in the dark).
our tree really is lovely; as we were carrying it to the car,
people commented on how perfectly christmas tree-ish it was.}

{all ornaments from Target}

{our patio decorations. there's my goose family! i might add some poinsettias this weekend.}

Snowman Army

this was the inspiration. this is the result:

{snowman soldier}

{snowman general}

{battle formation!}

{left, right, left, right}

{snowman army with the general at the front}

{defend the castle!}

{i will protect you with my swirly ribbon!}

{we may have lost a few comrades, but victory is ours!}


Finger-Knitted Garlands

i found a tutorial for these, mentioned here, a few days ago and have been obsessed since then.
these are only a few, i have 5 or so more that i didn't photograph yet.

i was at lunch yesterday, making one of these garlands, and i was approached about teaching a little class on them at a local church retreat in January!

{on my parent's mantle}

{on ruby. doesn't it make a sweet kitty blanket?}

{on the kitchen cabinets}

{in my sister's room}

{on my head as a headband - please ignore my not-so-blond roots}

{more that I made last night. i like the ones with chunky wool better, but the chain effect is more noticeable on thinner yarns (bottom).}

Random, Not-Really-Craftiness

{this is a small display in one corner of my parent's living room.
i don't know why i like it so much. but i do!}

How have you been crafting lately?


  1. you are awesome, and adorable :)

    I'm totally in the Holiday season too, although not in a crafty way this year for some reason. Ah well, next year I'll make my own cards :)

  2. Lindsey, your comments always make my day! This one is no exception :)

    I've been saying I'm going to make my own cards for years! and I wasn't even going to do it this year, except my sister guilted me into it by saying, "You make and sell cards for a profit, but you can't give them to your friends and family for free?" I was like OMG, I GUESS I WILL MAKE SOME.

    It was really a lot of fun, though! :)

  3. glad to hear that I make you smile, I love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to.

    I have photo cards that I'm going to be selling soon which I should probably send to people but I don't have enough made so maybe I'll pick and choose this year :)


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