Wednesday, December 16, 2009

With Love

dear company i have been on hold with for 20 minutes,
customer service can be defined by the following:
answer the phone.

dear boyfriend,
i miss you. you work too much. some days i'm unhappy with that, some days i understand.
mostly, i miss you.

dear sister,
good luck on your finals today. i know how stressful math can be. :/

dear fox news,
i watch you all day long. so, when i hear that story x is "breaking news" for the fourth time, four hours after it happened, i get a little irked.

dear mom,
i hope you are having fun in vegas. we miss you here. i don't know if i would confide in you about my unhappiness today, but i would at least come hug you.

dear dad,
i'm sorry i yelled at you earlier. i am worried about things i don't want to tell you about. you drive me crazy. but i'm sorry.

dear roommate and supposed best friend,
you have hurt my heart and i wonder if you understand that. i love you, but i have (some) self-respect and i have to stand up for myself. it's hard because your mind is so linear and non-emotional that i wonder if you're capable of seeing how you hurt my feelings. even if you can't, it's not fair. and that's a really hard thing for me to admit. i hope we are still best friends tomorrow. if not, i will miss you so very much.

dear heart,
try to calm down. you are alternating between very fast beats and very slow ones. i recognize the rhythm of pain. i'm so sorry.

with love, katie


  1. Hmm, I think we can all relate to some of those "Dear" notes. Sometimes, I don't know why, we lash out at the ones we love the most. Maybe it's a way to relieve stress, anger, frustration...who knows? But yeah, I've been hurt before by a friend that I thought was as close as a sister to me. Perhaps we're all just a little bit psychotic ? :)

  2. yeah, i hate when i lash out. i know i do it, but sometimes you can't yell at the person you want to, so you yell at who is closest. sigh..


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