Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dima!

{when i was a freshman at UCR, a mysterious package arrived one day.
it contained this note and his away game high school hockey jersey.
they were from dmitriy, a good friend of mine
who had planned on going to school in hawaii, but who ended up at UCSB.
i had a crush on dima in high school, but dima had a crush on amy.
i settled for a good friendship. it ended up being better.
i still have that jersey. we still talk about it.}

{dima playing guitar. senior year.
amy is wearing his home jersey over the
lovely red and white floral dress you see on the right.}

{somewhere along the way, I found out
that dima and britney spears share a birthday.
so happy birthday, britney, too!}


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