Monday, December 7, 2009

Book Review - The Boy Who Grew Flowers

This is a book I picked up when we sold it at Pottery Barn Kids. I was drawn in by the sweet illustrations and bright colors. After reading the story, I was sold. The Boy Who Grew Flowers is a beautiful tale about a boy, Rink, from a family of colorful characters like snake-charmers and shape-shifters. When the moon is full, he sprouts fragrant flowers all over his body. At school, the other children know there is something different about him, so they keep their distance.

One day, a new girl named Angelina, shows up at school and everyone wants her attention. But she's interested in Rink. When a school dance is announced, Angelina gets many invites, but she says no because one of her legs is shorter than the other. Rink races home and crafts her a pair of snakeskin shoes with one heel slightly higher than the other to balance her out. When he presents her his gift and a bouquet of flowers (from his head), she gladly accepts.

The themes of friendship, individuality, and appreciating your own quirks will resonate with kids and with you. The Boy Who Grew Flowers is not only a lovely gift idea for a child, but also for a friend - maybe someone who isn't feeling sure of their worth or who needs to be reminded that they have a friend in you.


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