Monday, December 14, 2009

Craft Fair BUST

So, the craft fair last Thursday was a total bust! Luckily, it didn't rain, but it was freezing and dark instead. The city fo El Segundo held their tree-lighting ceremony nearby at 5:30pm, which brought in a huge influx of lookers. Not buyers.

I smiled a lot and chatted a lot and was cold a lot. I think I sold... 4 cards. I'm done with craft fairs. For me, it's just easier to sell online - no set-up, no sitting in heat or cold, no borrowing canopies,  no lugging chairs and tables. My table was cute, though.

{my booth - in hindsight, i probably should have ironed that tablecloth.}

{the experimental mini-table. i wrote funny food-related quotes on plates and bowls.}

{close-up on my table}

{a few days before the show, my mom had this jewelry tree (from ikea) in her trunk along with the stuff she was taking to goodwill. i saved it - and didn't it work out well?}

{my mom picked up the basket in the center at a dollar store - it fit my larger cards perfectly.}

{my eensy-weensy cards were displayed in this super cute garage sale find.}

I bet there were a lot of things I could have done better at this show and I've learned for the future. I need signage, like prices and descriptions. I'd like a banner. I think I lost my craft show spirit about a week before this show and I dropped the ball on my marketing and display decisions. It's okay though; "you get what you put into it" works most of the time, but I'm pretty confident no one did well Thursday night.

My new focus leading up to Christmas will be to get all of the unlisted items I have onto Etsy. Whew, wish me luck!

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  1. you're table looks really good :) my last fair wasn't so great either, but I think I'm going to keep finding fairs to do because I love doing them. either way, lots of stuff to put up on Etsy soon too! :D


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