Thursday, December 10, 2009

Craft Boutique Today!

Today, I am selling at a craft show! This will be my 2nd ever and my first outdoor one. Lucky me, it happens to fall during the one cold spell Southern California will get all year. Rain was forecasted, but let's all hope and pray that that doesn't happen!

I was up late last night preparing and doing all those last minute preparations, then I was up early this morning to get to the Board of Equalization as they opened. I almost forgot about my seller's permit!

So now, I'm at work for a few hours before I head over to set up. Think my boss/dad will let me take a nap? :)

Hopefully, there will be lots of pictures from tonight, especially of my mom and I trying to set up the canopy! I will post any and all of them tomorrow!

If anybody is in the area and wants to stop by, I will be at the El Segundo Farmer's Market which runs 3-7p on Main Street. This one day a year, they expand it by another block and invite craft vendors in. Come on by!


  1. yay! Good Luck! I'm doing a two day crazy Art Music Festival thing this weekend, luckily it's indoors though. Hoping for good weather for you!


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