Monday, December 21, 2009

Chocolate Cures All

{now, that might have made my yesterday a little bit better :)
from epicute via weheartit}

My Saturday was lovely, with a late breakfast, a relaxing pedicure, and an evening of babysitting. Sunday, I had planned on writing tons of great posts, some to publish, some to save, all full of colorful photographs and funny stories and great finds. But things never go quite as planned, do they?

On Sunday morning, my dad slipped off to the doctor (without telling anyone) because he was having chest pressure and couldn't stop coughing. On his way home from the doctor, he called my mom and asked her to drive him to the hospital per doctor's orders. They spent all day there, having tests done, waiting, watching emergency room brawls, and waiting some more. I went to see him at about 7pm and they had just been told he was going to be admitted, but there were no rooms available then.

When I walked in to see him, I was surprised by how old he looked. Yes, he looked a little pale, tired, and the oxygen tubes and flourescent lighting make everyone look wan, but there was something else. Suddenly, I saw him as an old man, as someone old enough to possibly have a heart attack, as someone who could die. It was like a punch in the gut and I had to take a deep breath to make sure I didn't cry.

We don't know anything definitively right now, but it looks like he'll be fine. Actually, I'm only saying that because it doesn't look like he won't be fine, so this is the alternative. Posting may be light today and tomorrow, or maybe it will be heavy since I need to distract myself from my overactive imagination.

Hope you all had more relaxing Sundays than I did!


  1. Hope your dad gets well soon! :)
    ps. that cake looks delish... I could lick the screen.

  2. best wishes to you and your family :)

    and agreed with cabin + cub - that cake looks aaamazing.


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