Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Adventures

Today, the boyfriend and I went on a mini-adventure. We woke up early and drove out to Seal Beach so we could go to Nick's Deli on Main St. for breakfast burritos. SO yummy :) Then, we wandered around Brita's Old Town Gardens next door where we took pictures of the plants and walked into lots of spiderwebs. Here are some of the highlights:

That's the extent of my experience with Seal Beach, so we decided to just walk down the street toward the beach and to our surprise, we hit the Seal Beach Arts and Crafts Faire! The first booth we saw was a greyhound rescue group called GreySave. I promptly fell in love with these beautiful, injured beauties. I learned a lot about greyhounds I never knew, like they don't shed much, they don't smell much, they are the SOFTEST dogs you've ever felt, and they sleep a lot. As soon as I have a backyard, I'm calling GreySave. These pictures are from their list of available adoptees:

Pepper (saw her at the fair)

Rocky (don't you love those ears?)

Odette (I think the brindles are my favorite)

GreySave is an amazing organization that does a lot of really amazing work. Go here to read birth to track to home stories and go here to become a benefactor for only $50. Next time you're looking for a canine addition to your family, think of greyhounds first (and always choose a rescued or pound dog).

We also saw a lot of other lovely booths, but we were there to look, not buy and the dogs had already stolen my heart. Then I came home to this and realized he already had my heart :)

:: End weekend ::


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