Thursday, September 3, 2009

Inspiration: Wedding

- Ahh, the cupcake wedding cake. This is a really popular option right now; a lot of people like the whimsical look and the fun display, not to mention the relative ease of eating. No forks, no plates, just fun.
- I think mantillas are the sexiest, most flattering, most romantic thing any bride could wear. This is exactly the kind I would want. I also really like the neckline of her dress and the relative unadornment of it. Lastly, her hair = perfect.

- I love the idea of serving pie instead of cake at a wedding. While I'm not one to turn down cake, I've always felt that pie is more homey, more country, more comforting. It also feels more...natural in a way. Closer to its ingredients? I'm not sure what it is, but you may see pie at my wedding one day. I also seriously heart the mismatched dishes. That's kind of what my dish collection looks like at home; I just buy what's interesting and pretty to me. Sometimes that's one lone plate, sometimes it's a set of three.
- I'm not a huge fan (haha) of fan programs, but these are beautiful. From the coke bottle shaped handle to the vintage inspired photo to the handwritten font used on the other side, these add up to a romantic, un-cheesy program.


  1. Oooh we had cupcakes at our wedding and they were quite the hit. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

    Thanks for posting some of my pics on your blog! So exciting to see! :)

  2. Absolutely! They were beautiful pictures :)

  3. Especially if it's an outdoor wedding and it's hot out, guests can us it to fan themselves.


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