Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Scenes From My Dream Wedding...

These pictures from Once Wed are exactly what I picture in my head when I daydream about my wedding. The softness of the light, the old books and brightly colored vases as decorations, the bucolic setting.


Unfortunately, I don't have a note for where I got this picture, but it's definitely not mine. I adore this dress. The bow above the small of her back, the polka dot overlayer (is that pointelle?).

Same love here with the dots detail. I also like the idea of wearing bright, non-satiny shoes underneath your dress. Photo from Once Wed.

Another feature at my fantasy outdoor wedding - lawn games! From Once Wed.

How about hula hoops?

The next few pictures are from Snazzy Jazzy and are the perfect inspirations for what I want. Why pay for sterile white china when I can use beautiful plates I like? Snazzy Jazzy also recommends giving them away/using them as favors afterwards:

Here’s an idea: At the end of a buffet table stack your mismatched china, with a sign that reads:
“In honor of this delightful occasion and its grand atmosphere, please devour your food on some eclectic and fine china. If you find you have enjoyed the experience, or simply love the plate, feel free to take it home with you.”

Below via Country Living.

Below via Edyta Szyszlo.

Another important part of my vision of this imaginary day are the clear glass beverage containers. I love the idea of serving strawberry lemonade with lemon slices and strawberry bits floating around. I'm not a fan of iced tea, but I can appreciate that others are. Maybe some root beer, cream soda and Fresca, as well?


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