Sunday, September 27, 2009

Organizing Fun!!

So, today has been a very productive day here in the Kate & Oli household. I was looking through my stamps this morning and I realized that it was time to find a smarter way to store my acrylic stamps. As you can see, I previously stored ALL of my stamps in this jumbled container. Aside from the fact that my wood stamps don't even FIT in this container, I also had acrylic stamps just thrown in - not very smart.

After doing some research (here, here and here), I decided that the best route for me was to use binders and sheet protectors. I went to Office Depot and bought a box of regular sheet protectors, two 2"binders, and a set of baseball card sheet protectors.

I got them home, unpacked them and realized I spent $40 and probably could have spent a lot less. So, I left again and went to the 99 cent store and found photo sheet protectors in packs of 10. I bought 6 of those and will be taking the box of sheet protectors back probably.

Back to the house, where I put it all together into something like this:

Sorry for all the pictures, but I wanted to show that I am able to put many different size stamps in those photo sheet protectors.

After I did all this, Michael's had the gall to send me an email with a coupon and since I now had room for more clear stamps, I headed out to see what I could find. Unfortunately, the coupon doesn't start until tomorrow, but fortunately, they were having a great sale today! Tons of Martha Stewart items were on sale, so I stocked up. I don't normally buy solid cardstock, but these 2 packets were only $1.99. The bandanna pack (something I've long loved the look of) was only $2.99.

The clear stamps were all from the dollar section and the others were all 40% off!

Then, I saw these. They are packs of vintage-looking animal alphabet flashcards. I love the look and was struck by the possibilities: give as gifts, frame as art, use in my cards...

On the way home from Michael's, I stopped by Target for milk (and more craft supplies) and walked out with a gallon of non-fat and the below items:

Everything but the K & Company cards and the Inkadinkado stamps is from the dollar section!
Once I got home with all my treasures, I helped Jonathan choose an outfit for his date tonight, had a glass of my newly-bought milk and finished off my latest heirloom tomatoes from Farm Fresh To You.


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