Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Day!

I am totally stoked right now! I've made 4 sales in the past 5 days and because I'm soo happy, I want to pass it along to you! All purchases in my etsy shop through Wednesday - use the code HAPPYDAY - and get 20% off. Crazy, I know. You're all, what!? 20 whole percent? Well, guess what? If you ALSO blog about my sale, you'll get 25% off!

I hope you find things you like and pass it on! This is just for my blog readers and my facebook fans - enjoy!

Photo: Oh Joy!


  1. already twittered this at you - but congrats on the sales :)

  2. Thanks! Previously they've come with loooooooong pauses in between them, so this is like Hanukkah, one after another :)


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