Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inspiration: Wedding

What are your opinions on marshmallows at a wedding?

They could be used as placecards:

They could be given out as favors:

You know how people traditionally serve coffee after the meal? I don't drink coffee and am always hoping they'll have hot chocolate for me. So I love the idea of plenty of hot chocolate, complete with big fluffy marshmallows:

Maybe even heart-shaped ones:
Photo: Martha Stewart Living, via Wedding Bee

Or they could be integrated into the cake:

Photo: Lisa Dawn


  1. I say that there needs to be some s'more action in that post! :) but really, kind of a cool idea.

  2. I have to try those chocolate marshmallows, they look wonderful! Thanks! Also am forwarding this on my cousin's sweet daughter who is planning her wedding now. Thanks Kate

  3. Lindsey: I didn't even think about s'mores! That would be really cute for a camping/outdoorsy/retro theme wedding.

    Busy Grandma: I haven't tried the recipe yet from Butter Sugar Flour (above) but it looks relatively easy. I HAVE, however, purchased chocolate marshmallows from and they were delicious!


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