Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovely Photos: cakies

Cakies is one of my favorite blogs - reading it always puts a smile on my face. Here are some of Ruby's beautiful pictures:

Mason jars, in general, put a smile on my face. When I grow up and have parties and dinners, expect to see these on my table. And likely at my wedding. *Love the bendy straws, too!

Ruby and her family took a trip to a local farm (one I've actually been to!) on Labor Day, where they picked lots of fresh fruit. I've been apple and cherry-picking and it was tons of fun, so I bet they had a great time.

She calls this shot "a little patch of pretty between some old car garage and a barb wire fence". Don't you love that? 


  1. That photo make me want summer all over again. Maybe I can squeeze in one last picnic with lemonade!


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