Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have Old Floppy Disks?

I love this idea for using old floppy disks. Ohdeedoh posted this picture today and I think it's ingenious. I, personally, do not have a huge stash of floppy disks, but my grandpa and dad do and I bet I could convince them to part with them :) I think this would be great in a playroom (like shown above) but might be even cooler framed in a smaller setting, so it could be displayed as art. Hmm...I smell a project!
Also, sorry I haven't posted much more than pictures lately :-/ I'm designing a kitchen remodel for a new property my dad bought and I'm also coordinating a family trip to Panama in January. Hopefully, both of those will be planned by the end of the week and I can write more often!


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