Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

*Picture 1: Oliver, like most cats, loves tunnels of any sort*
*Picture 2: aren't stacks of multicolored paper lovely?*
*Picture 3: new eensy-weensy cards that I made today.*

This weekend...I did nothing strenuous. I did no schoolwork, no work-work, no cooking, no cleaning, no working out. Instead, I made cards, watched hours and hours of NCIS, played with my cat, and ate out both days.

Saturday night, I went to a birthday party for my friend Robert's 25th birthday. I met Robert 7 years ago when we were next-door neighbors in the residence halls at UC Riverside. We became fast friends and, though we've had a falling-out or two over the years, we've stayed close. Robert has changed dramatically since I met him - although I suppose everyone changes dramatically between 18 and 25 - but it still surprises me when I see him. He's so happy now, so sure of himself, so in tune with who he is and what he wants. I envy him and I'm immensely proud of him.

Heading out to Robert's house in Arcadia, we saw the fires in La Canada - Flintridge and I was amazed. I've lived in California my whole life and never seen wildfires that close. They looked like they were only a few miles from the freeway we were on. I tried to get pictures, but night photography is not conducive to moving vehicles. I got a lot of shots of squiggly orange lines on a black background.

Ultimately, I'm happy with the way I spent this weekend. I normally try to fit so much into those two days, making sure that everything I haven't been able to accomplish the previous week gets crammed in. This weekend, I was supposed to be in Spain (a topic I will tackle in a post one day this week), and because I'm not in Spain, I figured I should take it easy.


  1. Awww.. your cat is so cute. So funny how all cats love to hide i things. ;)


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