Friday, August 21, 2009

Focus on Signs of the Thymes

Signs of the Thymes is a collection of hand-painted, rustic, free-hand lettered signs made by Elizabeth Keyes. I can barely write straight on lined paper and she's able to create these beautiful pieces.

My favorite set is her wedding set - when the time comes, I will definitely be giving Elizabeth a call. Or maybe a convo :) They look so pretty set in front of the flowers, it makes me want an outdoor wedding - even with all the backup plans you need.

Here's a quick Q&A with Elizabeth:

How did you get into sign-making?
I moved from Connecticut to Lancaster CO., PA in 1994. A friends of ours has a painting business where he makes primitive signs. I have always been into interior decorating and thought his signs would make any room look cute and cozy. I became interested in doing the signs myself, so one day I went over to watch how he does it. I came home from there very inspired and got started. =)

Were you successful right away?
My first few signs were absolutely terrible.. I'm surprised I didn't get discouraged and stop right there. =) I loved doing it so much and it was thrilling to come up with new ideas and experience with them. I started out doing just the primitive signs, but after a while I was ready for more. I got into doing local retail and wholesale shows, especially over the Christmas shopping season. I then decided it was time to broaden my styles and I created my very own retro shab signs. Since then, I've added new fonts, colors, and designs to my signs to the point where I don't have a name for them anymore. =) That's what makes them unique!

Do you prefer to sell in person or on Etsy?
Right now, I'm not doing many shows because I've gotten too busy with the business throught my website, wholesale customers, and a local country market.

Who/what is your inspiration?
I totally know that God has blessed me I want to give my talents and money back to Him.

*Thank you Elizabeth! Good luck to you in the future!*


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