Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Focus on...Sheabalina!

Sheabalina has a set of beautiful cards hand stamped with a tapestry design in black and embellished with rhinestones. Even better, they have Twilight quotes on them - this one is my favorite. So romantic... *swoon*

Here's a bit more information about the lovely Sheabalina:

How did you name your shop?
My name is Shea, but most people call me Sheabalina, so that's where my shop got it's name.

Have you always been crafty?
Crafting has always been a big part of my life. From macaroni necklaces in kindergarten to dozens of paintings to cover the ugly walls of my college dorm room. I'm always creating something, and I'm inspired by everything around me; nature, buildings, the words people say, and they way they move.

Why Etsy?
I like to be able to share the things I create with the world around me, and etsy has given me the opportunity to do just that (and maybe earn a little extra money so that I can continue crafting).

What are you selling?
Right now, I'm selling note cards and greeting cards. My new line of greeting cards was inspired by one of my favorite cities in the world, New Orleans.

*Thanks Shea! Good luck with more sales and keep up the good work!*


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words about my cards :)

  2. Very cute card! I love it (and I am one of those who has not yet seen or read Twilight!) . Congrats, Shea!

  3. Thanks KeriAnne! Actually, when I decided to create those cards I wanted to do something that would appeal to twilight fans as well as people who have not read the books or seen the movies. I'm glad I achieved my goal with that :)


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