Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My End of Summer Playlist + Giveaway!

(Sunrise over Sydney, Australia; July 2008)

As summer winds down, vacations end, kids head back to school and daylight gets a little shorter a little faster, my mood generally changes to a more mellow one and my musical tastes match. I find that I can listen to a select few songs anytime at all, but in general the seasons and weather dictate my playlist.
Here is my playlist for the end of summer:

1. Metric - Help I'm Alive
2. Frou Frou - It's Good To Be In Love
3. Tegan and Sara - Like O, Like H
4. Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
5. Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
6. Toby Keith - Beer For My Horses
7. TiĆ«sto & Christian Burns – In the Dark
8. Frankie Laine - That Lucky Old Sun
9.Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
10. The Cliks - Oh Yeah
11. Ken Oak Band - Summer's Kiss
12. The Beach Boys - Sloop John B
13. Chairlift - Bruises
14. Tegan and Sara - Nineteen
15. Carly Simon - It's Too Late

To spread the (musical) love, I'm hosting a giveaway of not only a $15 iTunes gift card so that you can download all of this lovely music but also a set of three of my "Congratulations on Your Tax Deduction Cards." Your choice of any of any of the colors shown below. These cards are great choices for when you know someone having a baby, getting married, starting a business or buying a house!

Ways to enter:
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Follow my blog!

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This giveaway will end on Tuesday, September 8th at midnight PST. On September 9th, I will choose the winner using http://www.random.org/ and post the results as well as notify the winner.
Thank you for your support and good luck to you all!


  1. Count me in! I'm not one to turn down good summer tunes.

  2. I love Maps, Toby Keith and Kings of Leon too!

    Three very different artists! Thats so cool you like them too!

  3. Hello,

    this is the item i hearted,i love it because of the message it says.
    And i will facebook this item.
    My blog is really only for paintings,i do not write there,just post my paintings.I am not officially entering the giveaway,just here to let you know that i am grateful,and to tell you i like the card.You have cute stuff in your shop.


  4. Thanks for entering my giveaway! Count me in for yours as well!

    Have a Monstrously Happy Birthday is my fave from your shop!

  5. Hey! thanks for entering into my giveaway!

    and I have to enter yours too! $15 itune gift card is just not to be missed!

    My favourite be:
    SALE- Orange and Green Lotus Bowls

    I love the colors and love love love how the photo is taken beside the still. <3


  6. I am already a follower!! Congrats on winning my giveaway!

  7. I hearted your Hope cards...love the message :)

  8. I Love your Optimism poster! ♥ *hearted*

  9. Optimism if Free!

    I love it!


  10. just hearted your shop at etsy, and i'm loving your Tax Deduction cards because i have like 4 or 5 friends who are pregnant! ^-^


  11. My favorite is the Octopus Hugs card. I chose it because it's just so darn cute. How could I not love a green octopus!?


  12. Your shop stole my heart. ;)


  13. Okay. I love the Are You Kidding Me Belated Bday Card. So funny :) Hearted!

  14. I'm a follower.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  15. I hearted the Eensy - Weensy Cards - Circus Set because they are cute!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  16. I hearted your shop. (bloomingblossom)

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  17. I shared on Facebook. (Aik Chien)

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  18. Enter my giveaway here:


    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  19. I blogged about it here:

    Justine :)

  20. You are now on my Etsy faves! I am going to check out your music playlist now...hoping I win!

  21. I'm a following & hearting!

    My favorite is the "How to Diaper a Baby" card. Seriously, who could resist it?

  22. I hearted your shop because there were too many items I liked to choose just one!

  23. Hi, thanks for letting me know about this fab giveaway! I'm glad you like my embroidered cupboards!

    I know about half those songs on your playlist and LOVE them... I'm definitely going to look up the others even if I don't win! :)

    I couldn't pick just one favorite, so I hearted 'Trees' and the prettiest mathmatical eensy weensies! Hearted you, too!

    And I'm not sure if this counts as an entry too, but I'm adding your little button to my 'Lovely, Lovely Blogs' wall so others will find you, too!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    xo Astrid

  24. Hope it's not too late! Just got your message on my blog =) Cute stuff! I love the "tax deduction" card!


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