Thursday, August 6, 2009

MORE Cart-Worthy + Heart-Worthy

Santa Anita ware is hard to find, especially here in Southern Calilfornia :) but it always comes in such lovely colors. I LOVE the lovely heart shapes of the leaves in this piece from Sleepy Owl Vintage.
First of all, mixing bowls are the most versatile items EVER. You can use them to hold soap in the bathroom, keys in the entry, bracelets in the bedroom and paper clips in the study. Or maybe you could use them to mix things in the kitchen. Whatever floats your boat. AND it's pink! A light, muted pink :)
This one is from Aimee's Armoire.

Creamers are ALSO versatile. For pretty much the same things as mixing bowls, but especially for the things that require taller containers, like makeup brushes, pens, or even a small bunch of flowers.
This one is from J Bird Home.

I love the look of this suit from Jess James Jake; low backline, stretchy knit material with a definite texture, diagonal stripes and full butt coverage. It's so vintage as to be fresh again!


  1. Great stuff and nice blog! I'll be back.

  2. Anyone else notice - These sellers took FANTASTIC photos!!

    - Lynsi


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