Thursday, October 1, 2009

There In Spirit

With all of the wedding planning and idea-gathering and obsessive thinking that I have done regarding my not-yet-engagement, I haven't yet figured out one thing:

How do you incorporate (if at all) the memory of lost loved ones? I know that when I get married, I will feel the loss of my grandmothers on that day and it would be so nice to be able to incorporate their memories in some way.

Your Heart's Desire suggests reserving an empty seat in the front row of your ceremony by placing a white rose on it with a tag reading, "In Memory of (name)."

Forever Wed sells a bronze memorial tree that can hold six family photos.

I think the idea I like best is that of putting pictures of lost loved ones on the guestbook or place card table. Maybe with a note describing how they touched our lives. I'd love to show pictures of my grandmothers on their wedding days - it would be almost like they were there. I also plan on throwing a few songs that make me think of them into my playlist. Photo also from Your Heart's Desire.

How did you (or will you) honor those who couldn't be at your wedding?


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