Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring.... Remodeling Isn't Boring! (+ a sneak peek!)

Here, in Southern California, it's raining. A lot. We are not used to rain. People get all befuddled when it rains here. Last night there were 196 traffic accidents in the Greater LA area. The night before, there were 19. Everyone piles on the jackets they've had stored away all year, swaddling themselves with scarves, hats and gloves. Never mind, it's not particularly cold - the high here is 69 degrees - didn't you hear? IT'S RAINING.

I love the rain. I like how everything looks green, how the ocean turns all crazy and dangerous, how everything smells a bit more...alive. I like it even more in the past 2 years or so - since I had Lasik eye surgery. No more water on my glasses, walking with my head down, or constantly un-fogging the fogginess. Now, I can turn my head to the sky and enjoy the rain on my face. Which I have been doing all day!

The only problem is that rain, lovely though it is, make things more difficult. My dad and I are currently in the middle of a remodel on a vacant unit in a triplex he just bought. Parking at Home Depot is bad enough, but parking 4.6 miles away and then walking to and fro in the rain is no fun. Luckily, our handymen finished most of the outside work before the rain started, but the granite installer had to cut in the rain - which apparently worked out okay, because the granite is beautiful.

Today, the painting begins and Friday the carpet will go in! We already have a prospective tenant, too - my boyfriend, Adam. :) So I might get to use the kitchen I designed!

Friday, I will have a great feature on one of my new favorite Etsy shops - here's a sneak peek:

Can't wait, can you? :) Come back on Friday around noon to learn all about this lovely piece and more!
**Update: I was the one who couldn't wait! I accidentally posted it early, so here you go!!**

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