Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Really Fall, Isn't It?

(from blurbomat)

Tonight it is really cold. And windy. And cold. And did I mention cold? Jon and I try to leave the windows open all the time so that we keep our air condition bills down, but tonight I may have to close them. Even bundled under the covers, I can feel the chill. Which is great, because I love sleeping with the feeling of weight on me. My mom used to pile blankets and blankets and more blankets on me asking, "Is that enough?" Nope. I want to feel cocooned.

The problem is that I am a super warm sleeper. In fact, I'm a super warm person, but at night it intensifies and I can barely tolerate a sheet usually. With that, hopefully I'm off to get a really great night's sleep! Good night to you all and I wish you lovely Wednesdays! <3


  1. sleeping under a pile of blankets, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... perfection!

  2. LOL!!! I can imagine you covered by layers and layers of blaket!!!!'s a nice sleep for sure!!!


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