Friday, October 16, 2009

Surprise In The Mail!

Yesterday, I received an unexpected item in the mail. A wedding magazine called GetMarried! I don't recall signing up to receive it, not had I been to the website. But I'm glad I got it!

Just a few pages in, they had a page all about the "Urban Cowgirl" style - my favorite! I saw this PERFECT J.Crew dress and fell in love. This is exactly the style I want. It's so.. prairie, so sweet and innocent, so RUFFLY!

Unfortunately, it's also $2.995. Maybe I can find a similiar one somewhere else when the time comes.

Okay, this is like the perfect conception of my wedding IDEA. If I had a trousseau, I would buy these boot place card holders and store them in my hope chest. They are exactly what I want. Maybe I WILL buy them and keep them with my mason jar stash in my "one-day" box - my version of a hope chest.

These brooch bouquets are really interesting. I like the idea of replacing flower items with others in a wedding in general. Centerpieces of buttons, spools of thread, marbles and jacks - I love those ideas. How much more perfect could this be? Um, how about the fact that they're only $8.95 for a set of 3? OMG.
I'd really like a vintage ring, but I don't think that's in the cards, so something that LOOKS vintage is the next best thing. This engagement ring and wedding band set from Michael M. is just what I had in mind. :)

The fall cupcake and dragonfly cupcake from Jacques Pastries are really sweet and I love the bright, fun colors used in the accents. I like cake, but I don't like $4+ cake0cutting fees. I would love to have pie as dessert, but these would be lovely as favors or even as another option besides pie.

OMG. So cute. That's all. Just so cute. Branded. Rope.

You may order your own complimentary copy of GetMarried here!

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  1. Okay, each one of those was cuter than the next. Those "Save the Date" invites are perfect for more than weddings too. Great pixs.

    I was also stopping by to say I’ve given you a One Lovely Blog award, so please stop by and collect it.



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