Wednesday, October 7, 2009

From Trash To Treasure: Arts and Crafts Cabinet

Last week, I was driving back to my parent's house (read: office) after taking a few envelopes to the FedEx store and I came upon 2 cabinets and a sign that said FREE. One was a really cute, waist-height, hardwood cabinet with 3 heart cutouts in the door. The other was a squat nightstand with badly chipped veneer. I, therefore, took only the former. :)

When I got it home, I showed it to my sister and asked her if she could fix it up for me. My sister loves woodworking - she's made dressers, chests and adirondack chairs that are spread throughout my parent's house. I originally asked her to paint the cabinet, but once she started working on it, we discovered that the wood grain was way too pretty to cover up. So, she just sanded it down and added a clear coat. We got some new hardware and it was ready to go!


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