Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Focus on...Night Owl Craftworks!

*I accidentally posted this early (meant to post on Friday) - I couldn't wait! Enjoy!*

Sally of Night Owl Craftworks is quite possibly the sweetest person I've ever met. And by met, I mean talked to online. She is a super-sweet mother of three daughters (12 years, 6 years and 11 months). She is also a very talented crafter! She creates beautiful, hand-bound journals, sketchbooks and brag books. Her husband, a very talented artist himself, hand-carves beautiful stamps with original drawings. Night Owl Craftworks offers FREE Shipping throughout the U.S. Those of you who troll Etsy as often as I do know that sometimes you come across the best find and then you see that exorbitant shipping fee! None of that here!

I can't getg enough of these stamps! They're all one-of-a-kind and can you believe her husband draws directly onto the block and then carves it right there?! (Trouty Trout Stamp)

All of her sketchbooks are made with high-quality, 70 lb drawing paper. (Odd Bird Out Sketchbook)

Her chopstick journals are my favorite! (Chocolate Tree Chopstick Journals)

Like so many other people, I am a huge fan of kawaii. I'm already filling this sketchbook in my head. :) My favorite feature is the ribbon ready to hold my journaling pen! (Kawaii Dreamer Sketchbook)
Her kangaroo style book is ingenious! Every few pages, there is a pocket for you to store notes, ticket stubs, anything! I love this book for planning a wedding or baby shower, because you can keep your inspirational pictures all together! (Little Black Book - Kangaroo Journal)

Sally was kind enough to write up a little bio about herself at my request:

I love to create. I am sort of a collector of hobbies. I quilt, crochet, knit some, help my husband in the pottery, and I love to bind books! My passion for book binding was sparked when I read Corniela Funke's Inkheart. She has such romantic descriptions of the tools and supplies of a book binder. From there I was thirsty to learn as much as I could about the craft. I am self taught through books, thank you librarians! I am always on the hunt to learn more!

I didn't consider Etsy for my journals and sketchbooks in the beginning. I would just create books for friends and family... and I ran out of people to gift my books to. I was in limbo until I started selling on Etsy. I discovered a whole new group of wonderful people that very much appreciate the sentiment behind a handmade book. My husband still has his sketchbooks from his college art courses, and I think of that every time I create a new journal.
I love the stories I get from my customers about what they will be using thier journals for, from planning thier weddings to writing about thier childrens first steps or loose tooth. I do my best to use quality materials so people will be able to hand down these journals for years and years. When I find fun papers I get giddy and need to create! I have never done two of the same journals. I'm not sure I ever will.

Sally is a genuinely lovely person and I can't wait to see what new goodies she comes up with!


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