Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ornament Scout 2010: Anthropologie!

Since I now have a whole place to decorate, I am in full swing "on the hunt for Christmas decorations" mode. I have ornaments and lights from before, but I don't have any other decor. I also want to add more of a handmade/vintage feel to my ornament selection, since right now I have relatively plain glass balls from Target. Here are my favorite finds from Anthropologie - check back next week for my choices from Crate and Barrel, then Target, then Pottery Barn, then Jonathan Adler, and finally Etsy!

Granted, some of these are out of my price range - $18 for one ornament?! - but they're all so cute to look at! :)


  1. i love all of the ornaments! i just wish i could buy them all RIGHT NOW and start decorating :)

  2. they are super cute and so uniques!!!

  3. These are all adorable. I am such a sucker for ornaments. I always want more and more. I have been told by a certain husband-o-mine that I am only allowed to buy one this year. I then told him that he doesn't own me and I will do as I please :) I do seriously have so many though - its ridiculous.

  4. that hot air balloon is to die for!

  5. yes -- sooo cute but sooo pricey. inspirational, though, to try and duplicate with a little crafting. the mitten garland is genius.


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