Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I know, I've been MIA. While it's been exciting around here because of the upcoming move, it's also been a very sad time. Last week, my family made the incredibly difficult to put down our oldest dog, Magic. He was 15 and had severely arthritic hips that didn't allow him to stand up or walk around anymore. Magic was a cuddly, lovey, bear of a dog and my heart will hurt for him for a long time.

 Also, one of my sister's friends passed away a few weeks ago and his service was yesterday. It was a beautiful service with heartfelt speeches from his closest friends and his brother.

Plus, I have been packing up my life and stirring up emotions. It's been heavy over here.

HOWEVER, I want to get back into blogging because it brings me happiness :)

So, expect me back soon!

Thanks a bunch you guys, 
Kate and Oliver!


  1. That's a whole lot to deal with at once...I am sorry you have to. I pray the sun shines just a bit more for you!

  2. So sorry to hear of all the tough things you are having to deal with, wishing you a smooth move xo

  3. Sending you light and love! I'm glad you are blogging again...choosing things that make you happy is the best thing to do!

  4. sorry about your loses.


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