Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunlight On His Face

{look at my beautiful boy :)}


  1. What a beautiful cat!

    Good for you for putting a collar with tags on him.

  2. OH!! That is the best picture ever. Seriously!

  3. Thanks Cari, I had many people tell me that I shouldn't worry about it (since he's an indoor cat). But it only takes one emergency or one unaware friend or even one mischevious cat who pushes a screen out, and then he's an outdoor cat. I will always have tags on him!

    Thanks Amy! It's one of my new favorites of him.

  4. AWESOME photo. Gosh I miss having a cat. So regal, is he.

  5. awww I want to give him a big hug :))

  6. This is a really great shot!


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