Monday, July 19, 2010

Love... Small Prints by Mitchell & Dent

Mitchell & Dent, offer what they call Small Prints, a line of small, affordable, limited edition pieces sold for $5.50 each or $25 for a set of 5. They have three different themes available now. The one above is aptly named The Botanical Series. They also offer Whether The Weather and Animal Whimsy.

Their small size and muted palette makes them perfect for any little nook or cranny you'd like to brighten. They would also be intriguing in a grouping of large, odd-sized frames gathered behind a couch, dining table or along a staircase. I think you should get all 3; that's what I might do!

You may find Mitchell & Dent on Twitter, Facebook, and their blog, Mitchell & Dent's Tittle Tattle & Tales of Terrificness.


  1. Thanks everso Katie. You spoil us!

  2. these are so beautiful, I love the rose! Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful prints! I like the botanical series... they would be great presents for people named after flowers (I've always loved the name Dahlia).

    (Psst... you should take a look at my new site to post some of your items. It's free and right now we'll give you $5 when you list 20 items or more)


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