Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love... See Jane Work

See Jane Work is one of those fabulous online destinations that makes you feel like you really can have it all: organization and style. With their help, you can conquer the world. Seriously. Pencil it in.

{desk tidy - how ingenious is this? instead of using an old coffee cup, you can use this cleverly designed desk organizer that just looks like a group of old coffee cups. :) also, it comes with five pencils!}

{travel organizer - i don't know about you, but i always feel like i'm leaving something behind when i go on a trip. but with this organizer, there's a place for everything and everything can be in its place. there's a slot for your camera, your phone, your ipod, and all the cables and adapters that come with them.}

{animal tape dispenser - i never thought i would be one of those country-kitsch people who like rooster decor, but i just realized that i love this. and that i already have two other rooster-y items in my room... there's also a kitty and a frog for those non rooster lovers out there.}

{silver letter opener - i'm a fan of letter openers; using your thumbs to slit the top open just seems so plebeian. :) and how fabulous and modern is this one?}

{magnetic birdie - are you like me? can you never find a paper clip? enter this sweet little dude. not only will he keep all your paperclips within wingspan (haha), but he will chirp you a little tune everytime you take one or replace one.}

{webster's dictionary- is there anything more fashionable than white leather? yes, actually: white leather encompassing the beautiest of beauties: words. a white leather dictionary? yes, please! there's also a matching thesaurus. be still, my beating heart.}


  1. Ohhhh - I love that cup pencil holder and the letter opener! Very chic.

  2. Oooh, that definitely looks like the kind of online store I could spend a lot of time in!

  3. such fabulous finds - love the birdie magnets!

  4. WOW! Thanks so much for the introduction - what an awesome site! Maybe I can be cute and organized afterall :)

  5. In completely obsessed with that chicken tape dispenser! I got mine from and I spend way too much time browsing and shopping from there!

    If you like sjw then you should definitely check it out!

    Loooovvvvveeee your blog btw!

  6. cute items. visiting her shop now...

  7. I totally need a letter opener swap-bot pen pal letters are making it a neccessity :)

    love the look of your blog, very clean :)

    April "Be my blog follower on Blogger" rainbowafterrain81

  8. oo shiny!

    Also, liking the new blog look :)

  9. I love the silver letter opener. Maybe if I had such a pretty one I'd use it instead of my fingers. I've had enough paper cuts!!

    June - new follower from Swap-Bot

  10. I want almost everything you featured! Drool!

    Aimee (darzy30 on swapbot) - Be My Blog Follower

  11. i love this website! i love what you picked out! its almost time for classes to start, so i may have to treat my desk to some new items!

  12. You find the cutest things! Thank you for sharing!!

    kellylynn9 - swap-bot


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