Friday, July 2, 2010

Kyle and Lindsay: Engagement Photo Session

Almost a year ago, Kyle asked Lindsay to marry him. She thought they were just on a Hawaiian vacation with their friends and family and then he got down on one knee. She put her hands to her mouth, started jumping around, and said, "Really?" about three times. He kept saying , "Yes," and she finally said, "Yes, of course!"

Two hours later, this was posted on facebook where it was immediately viewed by everyone they knew (including myself), all of whom commented with something like, "I just bawled all over myself."

A few months after that, they asked me to be their wedding planner and I happily accepted! We are now in the throes of early planning - choosing a venue, date, color scheme and guest list. So far, we have a vaguely Hawaiian theme (the non-cheesy kind), a color scheme of cool blues with shots of hot pink, yellow and orange, and a guest list of 300. I will be updating you regularly on the fun ideas we come up with and there will be, of course, a ton of inspiration posts.

Here are a couple of my favorites from their engagement photo session, held in January of this year.


  1. Cute couple :) Love the beach pics.

  2. They looks so happy! :))) Lovely shots

  3. Cute couple! I know this is weird, but I lovelovelove seeing couples of Caucasian women and Asian men. Because most of the time it's the other way around. I alllllways seen Asian women with a Caucasian men in that situation, lol. It's like, "what about the Asian dudes?!" Hahaha.


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