Friday, April 9, 2010

Things To Enjoy While Turning A Quarter Of A Century Old

My 25th birthday is 7 weeks from today.
My friends always tell me that I am hard to buy for.
Let me fix that for them.

a massage and facial

this print of my favorite ocean

a hot air balloon ride

passenger door molding for my car -
{Luciano at South Bay Volvo quoted me a steal!}


a trip to huntington library, gardens and tea room

a bicycle ride

a gold star (necklace) for a job well done

to see She & Him play on my birthday in Santa Cruz

dinner (or lunch) at a new (to me) and amazing restaurant (maybe like this one?)


  1. If you got a bike, i'll take you on a ride! We can go on some nice bike paths I've been wanting to try out!

  2. that is an awesome birthday wish list! i am going to see She and Him in June free in Chicago. I hope you can see them too! everyone should see them. btw i love ur blog :)

  3. hope you get everything on your list! I love those macaroons and meringues! Yum!

    MomTog Diaries

  4. you and i have a lot in common! hope you get everything on your list!

  5. Hi! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check it out here:


  6. My 25th is 6 weeks away :) might have to revisit this post then ^_^ especially for the meringues!

  7. Nice birthday wish list! I hope you get everything you want :)

    PS. Thanks for your interest in the art swap! I'm still organizing all the emails, but I'm hoping to get someone for you within the next week.

  8. Those all look like enjoyable gifts! Great taste!

    The macaroons & meringues look SO delicious!

  9. Perfect gift list! I hope you get everything you want.

    And by the way - I turned a half century this year :(

  10. love macaroons... simply love them!!! have a great day!

  11. hi Im glendas from swapbot and I am happy to be following your blog.,love from glenda


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