Friday, April 23, 2010

Cart-Worthy + Heart-Worthy: Narwhal Edition!

I saw Disney Oceans last night and was thoroughly impressed. The cinematography was breathtaking, the similarity between humans and animals is amazing, and Pierce Brosnan has a very sexy voice.

The highlights were the scenes that are still stuck in my head today: in one, a scuba diver swims next to a humpback whale. The strength and enormity of that animal and how much his survival depends on our actions is staggering. In another scene, a mother walrus holds her baby against her chest with both flippers in what every mother would recognize as a hug. The last scene that stuck with me was of the narwhals. They're majestic in their strangeness and left me with a sense of wonder. I feel an affinity to the unicorn of the sea and so I've dedicated this CW+HW to them.

{Nighttime Narwhals Pendant - by Sadly Harmless, previously featured on K&O}


  1. So...I somehow feel very out of the loops, but I have never heard of this mysterious creature and did not know it was so popular to merchandise products with it's beautiful figure! Thank you for shedding some light on the subject :)

  2. That 6th illustration is adorable!

  3. these are really nice!


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