Sunday, April 18, 2010

Music and Cute Kids!

This weekend, I'm at Coachella, a 3 day music festival in Indio, CA. They expected over 70,000 people this year and it looks like most of them showed up. The hallmarks of Coachella are usually great music, scantily clad people, baking in insane temperatures and buying expensive bottled water. This year, I only have to deal with the first two! One of Adam's friends is from Indio and we are staying with his family this weekend. Even better, they live across the street from the venue! Even better that that, they got us VIP tickets with re-entry, so we can come and go as we please! Which means yesterday, we went over to see The Temper Trap (amazing!), then came back for dinner (delicious!), then walked back over to see Coheed and Cambria, Hot Chip, MGMT and Muse!

Maybe even better than awesome music is the company - Daniel is a really cool guy and his girlfriend Melanie is super nice, but together, they have created the ultimate in cuteness - Rowan (aka Rowboat)! This kid is 18 months old and fearless. He's a little problem-solving monkey is what he is. Sigh, he's so cute. Melanie spiked his hair last night before we headed out to the festival and I had to get a picture!

Today, Daniel's older son, Zach, will join us and that kid is also super cute. What is up with people producing cute children? Are they trying to convince the rest of us we need a couple too? :)

Off to investigate breakfast and play with the baby!

Hope you're all having ridiculously wonderful weekends!


  1. awe, have fun. great photo!

  2. Love 'Sweet Disposition' by temper trap. Sounds as though you are having an amazing weekend!

  3. ooooh.. i am so jealous! it must have been amazing!
    i wish we could have gone!

  4. What an awesome deal! My boyfriend drove 26 hours to get there! They're on their way home now, it sounded incredible.

  5. wow sounds like fun, i hope you have a great the baby photo...they are always so adorable! :D

    Stacy from Swap Bot


  6. I miss the days of concerts that bleed on for days. Very, very envious.

    badk1ty from swapbot

  7. the baby boy is soooo cute!

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  9. The spikes look great! And his shirt rocks too.

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  10. This is homekeepingheather now following from swap-bot

  11. Hope you had a brilliant time at the festival :)

    Cool babies need cool hair, its as simple as that ;D

    Batmamma from swap-bot, now following you

  12. Rowan is adorable...looks like you all had fun!
    Following you...



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