Saturday, April 24, 2010

Phone Photo Phun!

So, I recently got a new phone and have been taking pictures non-stop with a super cool app called FXCamera. It can create a fisheye lens, a polaroid effect or what they call a toy camera emulator. I'm obsessed! :) Here are some of my faves...

{ a property we're renovating - like the fresh paint job?}

{a new dress i love}

{tibetan prayer flags above the sink at cooper's house}

{cooper playing with my camera}

{child's chair at cooper's house}

{donna's memorial}

{donna's memorial}


{peach tree!}

{peach tree (part deux)!}


{mr. bird}


{deli - adam's cat}

{burrow - adam's cat}


  1. I really like the fisheye effect. Here from Swap-bot and now following you--skron11/Sarala

  2. I keep hearing about these new apps for the phones. It's great to see some examples of them. Thanks for sharing!

    swap-bot badk1ty

  3. Lovely pics. I really like the polaroid effect. The fisheye effect is interesting too!

  4. Oh I love that app. I took some great pictures with it.

    Like this one the other day


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