Monday, June 7, 2010

My Favorite Stores: Z Gallerie

On Friday, I went to Z Gallerie to get housewarming gifts for my fabulous friends Saba and Hammad, as well as my friend Robert, both of whom had housewarming parties this weekend. While there, I remembered why I used to think this was the coolest store on The Promenade. Everything in Z Gallerie is modern, fun and funky and the prices are surprisingly low. Look at some of the goodies I desperately want:

{Armillary Sphere - $89.95}

{Ceramic Ram's Head - $39.95}

{Posen Sconce - $29.99}

{Lucid Vase - $14.95}


  1. that sconce is amazing! i like the bookends that look similar to that (can't remember who sells them).

    fyi- I've just given your blog an award! check it out here:

  2. Ah, I love those guppy glasses! :D

  3. the lucid vase + the Royce Garden Tea-light are amazing. lovely pieces!


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