Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing Thrown Chain

My fabulous friend Sarah (owner of adorable mews, Spot and Snap) has started a blog about the other great love of her life (besides kittens), cycling! Sarah is a cyclist. Actually, Sarah is a Cyclist - with a capital "C". She has completed two century rides. For those of you who don't spend lots of time around a hard-core bicycler, that means ONE HUNDRED MILES. She's done that TWICE. So, basically, she's superhuman.

And now she has her very own home on the interwebs to talk all about cycling. Cycling gear, cycling food, cycling events. And even if you're not a hardcore cyclist, even if you have a *gasp* beach cruiser, her writing is so funny and fresh that you'll enjoy her blog. Check it out here and make sure you read the interview with yours truly about my first spin class experience.


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