Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mr. Mailbox: Status - Overwhelmed

Mr. Mailbox is often privy to envelopes, packages and catalogs of all colors and sizes. But sometimes, Mr. Mailbox gets overwhelmed by the incredible amount of mail it's expected to hold. And hold. And hold.

Yes, I may have forgotten to get the mail for a few days. Which means that all of this was shoved into my teeny tiny mailbox (he's only about 3 inches tall).

One of the fabulous items in this pile was the official invitation to Saba and Hammad's wedding. You may recall I wrote about their nikkah here. Saba ordered these invitations from India and they are printed on silk. S I L K!

I also received some fabulous items I won in giveaways! This super awesome CD holder is from the super talented Moonika of kuutydruk (the giveaway was hosted by Paper In Style).

This little cutie hails from Fuzzy Muffins, purveyor of cuteness and plushie love. Fuzzy Muffins has a sweet blog here and the giveaway was hosted by the wonderful Adore By Nat! Isn't he cute? He now lives on my bed, but he still needs a name. Any ideas? I like Roger. Or maybe Liam.

Mr. Mailbox, I promise to empty you more often.
Then again, I've said the same thing to The Litter Box so often, he doesn't believe me anymore.


  1. that looks like my mailbox! I like Liam and your new friend's name! :)

  2. lol, I love reading your posts. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets to check the mail. If I had all those goodies though, I'm not sure I'd forget to check!!!

  3. Mr. Mailbox is lucky to be the keeper of such deliciously wonderful things! My mailbox is never that full because I excitedly run and check it like a little girl every day. Sometimes there are goodies, other times it's nothing but crap. You totally scored in these giveaways!

  4. How nice! It seems you are very loved. I wish my mailbox looked like that!

    I love that owl! ADORABLE!

  5. I'm totally late to the naming party, but my vote goes for LIAM!


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