Friday, March 19, 2010

Look At All This Loot!

I like free. We all like free. Just last night, I was explaining to my fave babysitting kids what free meant. They said, sometimes free costs a little bit of money. And I said, then that's not free. They said, but everything costs money; what's free? So I hugged them and I said, hugs are free. And they kissed me and said, kisses are free. And they said, playing is free! And running and jumping and high-fiving! Free is a wondrous concept. Here are the freebies that have entered my life lately and will make it a bit brighter, a bit happier, a bit more wondrous!

I won this lovely print from Sweet Harvey on I Heart Handmade.

I won this fun sidecar print from Jane Heinrichs.
She also sent along her favorite cocktail recipe!

I won this fabulous print entitled The Girl with the Green Shoes from Suzie Chaney.
She sent along some fabric, buttons, and paper ephemera for me, as well as a signed photograph of hers.

Here are some opportunities for you to add a bit of wondrous free-ness to your lives!

{win a pink dandy gift basket - i'm a sucker for whipped body creams!}

I will add more to this post as I find them today :)
Enjoy and Good Luck!


  1. Hi Katie,

    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway and for featuring it in this post! What fabulous goodies you have won! Love the fabulous goodies in your shop too!

    Best wishes, Carla. :)

  2. Um....that is an adorable lesson you taught those kids. The best things in life are free for sure if you include hugs, kisses and high fives!

  3. hey k! i'm hosting a giveaway that can added to your list! your wins are incredible! what a winning streak you are on! love!

  4. I'm now on the hunt for one of those vintage trays to use as a messenger would look so perfect in my freshly painted kitchen! I just never win those giveaway things. So I'll keep my eyes open. I found a few thrift stores near me now that I can check regularly. Found some great things this weekend!

    (ps. posting pics of your stationary that you sent, tomorrow. Loved it all, especially the gnomes!)

  5. I found this blog through Etsy :) Perfect timing on this post ... I'm doing a giveaway on y blog if you'd like to enter!


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