Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Focus On...Vintage Pickle!

I am a thrift-shopper, garage-saler, and deal-finder. I tend to stay away from shops that tout "vintage" items, because that just means they charge more. I go for "consignment" or "auxiliary" shops. Then, when I find that kitschy item I can't live without (or that I know I can sell on etsy), I'm happy that I'm getting a good deal. Vintage Pickle gives me that same, warm and fuzzy feeling. From Helen's great collection of clip-on earrings to her array of art, I'm in vintage heaven. Take a look for yourself and enjoy the interview!

Tell me some basic info about yourself.
An art major in college, I have been collecting vintage items since I left the womb, I think! I used to spend my babysitting money in thrift stores, much to the dismay of my parents at the time! I turned my interest into a business 30 years ago renting period clothes to theater and film industries, but ETSY is much more fun! It gives me an outlet for everything ELSE I had always adored collecting!

Where do you find your shop items?
In my closet, under my bed, tucked in stored away boxes that I haven’t opened in years (actually - I am not really kidding!!!). I have been a collector for years, and don’t have the room to display all the items I loved to pick up. I sometimes go to thrift shops & flea markets, but get calls frequently to go to private estate sale appointments. I buy the clothes for work, but the fun part is buying everything else…..now I have an outlet for my passions through ETSY. I mean, did I really NEED to buy 3 1950’s wall clocks all at one place when I didn’t even have room to hang any of them??? (I have since listed 2 of them and sold them.…1 more to go!!)

What types of items do you look for? Are you partial to a certain type of item?
I am an unrepentant “collector” and have been forever! A lot of the items have nothing to do with my other business, but I can’t turn down something fabulous. I love anything that makes me laugh or is playful; anything old and worn that has character; newer mid-century items that are sleekly designed; items that keep me guessing what they might be used for; beautiful old fragments of beaded or embroidered clothes that I want to save from extinction - I call these on ETSY my “Alas, I was Beautiful Once” Collection. (smile)

What made you decide to sell on etsy?
I have a friend who sells on ETSY and has been trying to talk me into it for years. I have never sold before - on ANY internet venue (including that “other” site that starts with an E!) I have never even bought anything online either - I am kind of a Luddite. My friend finally came over, sat me down explained the process and proceeded to yell at me saying “ you have SO MUCH stuffed tucked away you would never even reach the bottom of your endless collections if you were on ETSY for years!!”
It IS time-consuming, since I am a two-fingered typist, but I have so enjoyed unveiling and re-discovering some of my favorite items and realizing that I enjoy selling them to others who I knew appreciate the items as much as I do. I loved when clients send me feedback and photos of either their new piece in situ at their home or photos of what they created with the bits and pieces of trim that I, myself, never got around to using. Most importantly, everyone is so terrific and I have made some friends through it already in my 3 months on ETSY.

What is your favorite dessert?
Fresh fruit or crispy French flaky pastry with fruit and crème fraiche( I am SO boring, aren’t I?)

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A gazelle, so I would never have to diet (have you ever seen an overweight gazelle?)

If you decided to keep one of your items, which would it be?
Oh, don’t tempt me!!!!!

What are your favorite blogs right now?
Did I mention I type with two fingers????? Who has time to read blogs!!! I actually write my own blog, which is fun but time-consuming; mostly about the commercial projects we are working on as well as articles about the history of certain clothing items. I was shocked to learn I have many followers! The last one was a five-part series about the history of men’s and women’s hose. It actually got re-printed in a magazine, so I am excited about my fledgling writing career, too.

Anything else?
I forgot to mention my favorite activity: I always brake for garage sales!!!! (smile)

Thank you for the interview, Helen!

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  1. I love her store!! I added to my fav. ;) I love going to thrift stores! That's my hobby. I just re-decorate my friends' living room with all cool vintage furniture that I found in thrift stores. I just love treasure hunting!


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