Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gocco Lust

To my great consternation, I don't have a gocco. I like to think of all the amazing things I could make with one - and then find other people who have already made amazing things on etsy. And then, I covet. Come on! It's what I'm good at!

{anchor card}

Do you have any gocco favorites?


  1. What happened to the models? they were beautiful...

  2. hey anonymous! I accidentally posted that post too soon! It will be back later this week :)

  3. I have gocco lust also - going to have to get myself one of those babies...

  4. Surprisingly I only just descovered what gocco was after seeing the term somewhere and googling it. You're right there are so many great items on etsy and I've had great fun checking them out.

  5. wonderful finds! Some of my old favorites, and now some new ones! :)


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